Police Reports

Knox City Police Incident Reports

  • 11/15/10 At 4.54Pm Mondaya vehicle driven by James P. Langdon, 306 Star Court, Knox was driving south bound on US 35 in front of the Zingo gas station and turned left in front of a vehicle driven by by Shawna K. Ard of 5406 S. A. Street, No. Judson.  Langdon stated to police that he was looking ahead to see what pumps were available and did not see the Ard vehicle.  A 14 month old infant in the back seat of the Ard vehicle was transported to Starke Memorial Hospital for observation.  Estimate of damages were five to ten thousand dollars.
  • 11/14/10 Justin Lee Joseph, 6 No. Prettyman St., Knox reported an attempted breaking and entering at his residence.
  • 11/10/10 Next Door Foods US 35, Knox reported an unknown person drove off without paying for gasoline.  Suspect was not located.
  • 11/09/10 Tom Raderstorff reported to KCP that he was watching Tom Belcher’s house on Main St. in Knox while Mr. Belcher was out of town  and discovered that a back door to the home had been kicked in and a television, alcoholic beverages and money had been removed from the residence.  No arrests have been made.
  • 11/09/10 John and Clayton Poindexter reported to KCP that a brown rottweiler dog had damaged the exterior of a vehicle owned by them.  The owner of the dog has not been identified.
  • 11/09/10 Howard Phillip 904 East Washington St., Knox reported receiving a harassment type phone call.  He has given the caller ID information to the police.
  • 11/09/10 Mitchell G. Dowd 1378 So. 550, Knox reported a fraudulent transaction on his 1st Source debit card.  The fraudulent charge was initiated in Norway and involve a $426.00 dollar transaction.

Knox City Police Arrests

  • 11/14/10 Tammora M. Shei, 601 So. Heaton St., Knox arrested on a charge of conversion.
  • 11/13/10 Mark A. Delen, 4143 So. Grover Avenue, Hammond was arrested for driving while suspended.
  • 11/13/10 Darrick Park Smelser, 424 E. Marion St. Mishawaka was arrested for illegal possession, possession of marijuana, and driving while suspended.
  • 11/13/10 Richard Patrick Selva Jr., PO Box, Knox was arrested on trespass charges.
  • 11/12/10 Matthew M. Lamarr 5220 So. Detroiter St.,No. Judson was arrested for driving while suspended.

Starke County Police News

  • Starke County Police report there have been over 20 deer and car accidents since the 1st of November and would like to remind drivers to be especially careful while driving at night.
  • 11/15/10 Thomas Skibbe, Knox has been arrested on attempted auto theft and attempted burglary charges
  • 11/14/10 Maulik Shah 603 Anchor Ct., Monticello lost control of his 2006 Toyota passenger vehicle striking a guard rail on SR #23.  Shah admitted to traveling at a high rate of speed causing him to lose control of his vehicle.  Damage estimate $2,500.00 to $5,000.00.
  • 11/13/10 Starke County Police responded to the intersection of SR#23 and US 30 based on a 911 call reporting a male running in and out of traffic screaming at motorists as they drove by.  Shortly thereafter a crashed vehicle was discovered wrecked at the intersection of 500NO. and SR#23.  A vehicle check was issued and the registration came back to a Wade Karl Berg.  A witness nearby reported that as police cars came upon the scene they saw a man running from the crash scene into a nearby woods.  The man has not been located.  The vehicle has been impounded and held for further investigation.
  • 11/10/10 Judy Singleton 3155 No. 900 East, Grovertown reported hearing gunshots being fired near her home and the Starke Co. Police Department  responded arresting Eric Scott of 504 No. Starke St. Hamlet for possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana with a prior.

Hamlet Police Department News

  • 11/8/2010 Anthony Cilek, 34, 501 E Oak St Hamlet, IN arrested on preliminary charges of Domestic Battery and Resisting Law Enforcement.
  • 11/9/2010 Joanna Elder, 27, 305 W Pearl St. Hamlet, IN arrested on preliminary charges of Possession of a syringe and Possession of Methamphetamines.