Starke County Sheriff’s Office


04/08/19 Police checked several businesses for security purposes

04/08/19 A Monterey resident told police that items were stolen out of a garage. They were later located.

04/08/19 A Monterey resident saw a subject throwing items while walking down the street.

04/08/19 A Walkerton resident said an elderly neighbor, who may have Alzheimer’s, let his dog run loose and attacked their dog.

04/08/19 A Knox resident asked for an officer as the neighbor’s goats are on her property causing damage.

04/08/19 A Knox resident told police that she received a threatening phone call from a person claiming to be from Social Security telling her that they will arrest her if she didn’t send her money. One phone number provided appeared to be a local number. Officers advised it was a scam.

04/08/19 A Grovertown resident told officials that a package that was supposed to be delivered to his home may have been stolen. He saw a notification from the company that it was delivered.

04/08/19 A Knox resident informed dispatchers about three vehicles who were driving recklessly in the 500 block of N. Roosevelt Road. The caller said the cars were going through the field and almost hit her husband.

04/09/19 A Hamlet resident asked for an officer as someone tore up her storm door during the night trying to break into the residence.

04/09/19 A Grovertown resident asked to speak to an officer as he believes two dogs at a residence on State Road 23 are being neglected.

04/09/19 Police were called to home in Knox after a call came in regarding a burglary. The owner said her belongings were thrown everywhere and the back door was broken and open and her pets were outside.

04/09/19 A Knox resident told police that her husband and the neighbor were fighting after the neighbor’s dog was shot at for killing their chickens. The dog was not hit.

04/09/19 A car vs. deer accident was reported on Toto Road and 1150 E. in Knox.

04/09/19 A Knox resident told police that her neighbor’s large dog attacked her small dog. The small dog was in surgery at the time of the call.

04/10/19 An officer was requested at the Jehovah Witness Hall in Knox to investigate graffiti on the building.

04/10/19 A Knox resident told police that someone attempted to break into his home. His sister-in-law was home at the time and opened the door when the dog got out and bit the unknown person.

04/11/19 An officer told dispatchers that a deer ran out in front of his police car on Toto Road E. of 550 E. in Knox and he was unable to avoid a collision.

04/11/19 A hit and run accident was reported in the 5 Star parking lot in Knox.

04/12/19 An employee at a Knox gas station reported a car parked at one of the pumps for more than 20 minutes. The employee hadn’t seen anyone get in or get out of the car.

04/12/19 A car was reported stolen out of a business garage.

04/12/19 A Knox resident told dispatchers that a woman was seen stealing from his neighbor’s house.

04/12/19 A North Judson resident told police that someone broke into his son’s home and he’s incarcerated.

04/12/19 A North Judson resident told police that a stolen Xbox was found at the Pawn Shop.

04/13/19 Police were notified of an accidental shooting. The victim apparently suffered a gunshot wound to the hand.

04/13/19 A Knox resident told dispatchers that his mailbox was damaged and a CenturyLink cable box was broken down the road.

04/14/19 A Knox resident said a man took a boat off her property to have it checked before buying it and now he is refusing to pay for it or bring it back.


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