Starke County Sheriff’s Office


05/13/19 An employee with Larry’s Marine called police to report radiators and batteries stolen.

05/13/19 A Knox resident found a backpack with drug paraphernalia.

05/13/19 A Knox man reported identity theft after attempting to use to obtain a $5,000 for a motorcycle loan and now money is missing from his account after they allegeldy stole his information.

05/13/19 A North Judson resident complained that the neighbor was burning tires.

05/14/19 A car vs. deer accident was reported on State Road 8 at 500 E.

05/14/19 A car vs. deer accident was reported in Monterey.

05/14/19 A San Pierre man complained to dispatchers that a woman showed up at his residence naked and then sat near the mailbox in her car.

05/14/19 An employee at Save-a-lot called police saying that a woman was allegedly threatening to shoot customers. The woman was asked to leave and complied with the request. The woman was issued a verbal warning for trespassing.

05/14/19 A Knox resident reported the theft of chainsaws.

05/15/19 A Monetery resident told police that things are coming up missing from her property.

05/15/19 An accident involving a pedestrian was reported to police in the Koontz Lake area. The Koontz Lake Fire Department was called to the scene.

05/15/19 A North Judson resident said it appeared that somebody lit a fire in the ditch two days prior.

05/15/19 A local store owner told police that a person was thrown out of the store earlier and the person left the stuff in her car.

05/16/19 A North Judson resident reported the theft of tires.

05/16/19 An employee from a restaurant called police to say that a woman was in an altercation and allegedly pulled a firearm from her purse and put it back inside her purse.

05/16/19 A Knox resident wanted to speak to officers after a rock was thrown through a window.

05/16/19 A Knox resident reported the theft of a Bluetooth speaker.

05/17/19 A vehicle fire was reported at 100 N. and 800 E. in Knox.

05/18/19 Emergency personnel were called to an accident where a car flipped over in the 7,000 block of E. Toto Road in Knox.

05/18/19 A Knox man called police to report that a woman hit his mailbox with her vehicle.

05/18/19 Emergency responders were called to an injury accident at 50 S. and 800 E. in Knox.

05/18/19 A man told dispatchers his wife was driving eastbound on State Road 8 when a barrel rolled off a semi and damaged her vehicle.

05/18/19 A car vs. deer accident was reported on 250 S. just east of Range Road.

05/19/19 A car vs. deer accident was reported at the J&K Deli.

05/19/19 A North Judson resident reported theft of items from his house.

05/19/19 A Knox resident asked for an officer after she found tires on three vehicles were slashed overnight.

05/19/19 A two-vehicle accident was reported on U.S. 35 and 100 N. with no injuries.

05/19/19 A Knox resident reported the theft of keys and a Kindle.


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