Starke County Sheriff’s Office


06/17/19 A car vs deer accident was reports on State Road 8 and 100 W. in Knox.

06/17/19 A rollover accident was reported on U.S. 35 and 900 N. in Hamlet. Three people refused medical help at the scene.

06/17/19 The Starke County Sheriff’s Department assisted in locating a suspect in a carjacking in Newton County.

06/17/19 A car vs deer accident was reported on 500 S. west of County Road 210 at Bass Lake.

06/17/19 A Knox resident complained about his neighbor burning trash in a burn barrel.

06/17/19 A North Judson resident reported the theft of his dog.

06/18/19 A car vs deer accident was reported on U.S. 35 north in Hamlet.

06/18/19 A caller told police that a possible intoxicated driver is parked in the roadway with a liquor bottle in his lap.

06/18/19 A Knox resident requested to file a theft report against a person who took money out of his wallet and left the residence.

06/18/19 A North Judson resident asked to speak to an officer about the theft of a camper.

06/18/19 A Walkerton man told dispatchers that he returned home to find that someone broke into his house.

06/18/19 A Knox resident told dispatchers that an intoxicated woman has fallen and can’t get up.

06/19/19 A Knox woman stated that her 12-year-old daughter went for a bike ride and was assaulted by another child. Her glasses were also stolen.

06/19/19 A Monterey resident called and said two vehicles were egged.

06/20/19 A two car accident was reported on State Road 10 and Range Road in North Judson. A vehicle rollover occurred.

06/20/19 A Walkerton woman called police to report two pitbulls chased her and her neighbor to their homes and tried to get in through the screen door.

06/20/19 Property damage was reported at the Eagle Creek Cemetery.

06/20/19 A car vs deer accident was reported at State Road 10 and 600 W. in Starke County.

06/21/19 An Ora resident called police to complain about a neighbor’s dog that is a nuisance and violent with her cats.

06/22/19 A Walkerton resident asked for an officer as subjects are dumping stuff on and around his pier.

06/22/19 An accident was reported at U.S. 30 and U.S. 35 in Hamlet.

06/22/19 An accident was reported at 650 W. and Toto Road in North Judson. A maroon van reported hit a pole.

06/22/19 A North Judson resident told dispatchers that the neighbors were igniting fireworks and upsetting her husband who has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

06/23/19 A Hamlet man told police that a neighbor threw a dead dog into his vehicle. Police found that the woman had a stab wound and refused medical treatment.

06/23/19 A Knox resident reported damage to a mailbox and a fence during the overnight hours.

06/23/19 A North Judson man was reportedly cutting weeds alongside the road with a knife at 7155 S. and 100 W.

06/23/19 A called advised of an abandoned truck in the ditch around 1025 E. and 300 N. in Knox with the back window shattered with no one around.

06/23/19 A Knox resident complained of two pitbulls coming on to his property and killing his goats and making his family feel unsafe. When the officer spoke with the dog’s owner the neightbor reportedly refused to speak to police.

06/23/19 A car vs tree accident was reported on 900 s. and 150 W. in North Judson.


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