Starke County Sheriff’s Office


06/24/19 A car vs. deer accident was reported on U.S. 30 and 1100 E. in Govertown.

06/24/19 A car vs. deer accident was reported on State Road 10 and 850 E. in Culver.

06/24/19 A car vs. deer accident was reported in the 4,000 South block of U.S. 35 in Knox.

06/24/19 A foreclosure company requested an officer for theft of property in Walkerton.

06/24/19 A man asked for an officer saying he was battered on Saturday, but was arrested on a warrant in Marshall County before he could file a report.

06/24/19 A two-vehicle accident was reported in the 3,000 North block of State Road 23 in Grovertown. No injuries were noted.

06/24/19 A North Judson resident said he saw a truck by the pond at 500 South and State Road 39 and it looked like the occupants were passed out. The caller honked and the subjects took off.

06/24/19 A North Judson man reported the theft of tools.

06/24/19 A representative from a repo company called police to say they repossessed a vehicle from a person who passed away. A woman that had been using the car and is not on the title had been calling and saying a car seat was in the vehicle. The representative noted that the vehicle was listed as bio hazard. Written consent would be needed and the company would have to approve the consent form before entry was made in the vehicle.

06/24/19 A North Judson resident asked to speak to an officer regarding damaged property. The officer reportedly spoke to the homeowner and neighbor and the neighbor agreed to fix the rut in the yard.

06/24/19 A Monterey man told police that he’s been having problems with people breaking into his home.

06/24/19 A Walkerton man reported damage to the pole barn on his property.

06/25/19 A Knox caller reported a man laying in the grass near the drive-thru at the Burger King/BP station.

06/25/19 A Knox woman told police that someone broke into her home while she was away.

06/25/19 A Knox resident told dispatchers that a syringe that appears to be loaded was at the end of her driveway.

06/26/19 A car vs. deer accident was reported in 500 S. and 750 W. in North Judson.

06/26/19 A property damage accident was reported at 0680 N. U.S. 35.

06/27/19 A Knox resident on 200 S. reported vandalism to vehicles.

06/27/19 A Knox resident reported that the tires were slashed on her vehicle. She was I the same vicinity as the previous caller.

06/27/19 A tree was reported down with power lines down on 500 E. and 200 S. in Knox.

06/27/19 A minor property damage accident was reported at 0115 N. U.S. 35 in Knox. One driver said the other driver seemed nervous and left the scene.

06/28/19 A Knox resident told police that an excavator and scrap product were stolen from his possession. Also, power lines were torn down and he received an $8,000 bill from the electric company.

06/28/19 A North Judson resident reported damage to his fence.

06/28/19 A North Judson resident said her mother’s residence was broken into and damage was done.

06/29/19 A Knox resident reported the theft of a tv and it was taken to the pawn shop.

06/30/19 A Knox resident reported that subjects in an older silver car are putting fireworks in mailboxes.

06/30/19 A single vehicle accident was reported on Toto Road and 625 E. in Knox. The driver was not at the scene of the accident when emergency responders arrived. The driver returned to the scene and refused medical attention for minor injuries. Officers noted there was no sign of impairment.


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