Starke County Sheriff’s Office


07/15/19 A Knox resident reported a burglary at his apartment.

07/15/19 A car vs. pole accident was reported near 125 E. and U.S. 30 in Hamlet. Medical treatment was refused.

07/15/19 A Knox resident complained that a dog chained to a tree had no shelter or water. Police responded where they found that the dog did have water but no shelter. An officer will follow up when the homeowner is present.

07/15/19 Police were notified of a stolen vehicle.

07/16/19 A Walkerton resident told police that a porch swing was stolen from her property.

07/16/19 A car vs dog accident was reported.

07/16/19 A Walkerton resident told police that his neighbor’s cattle caused damage to his bean crop.

07/16/19 A Knox resident complained about her neighbors dogs being outside all day and being very aggressive to anyone in the area.

07/16/19 A North Judson woman told police that $700 was stolen out of her purse while she was test driving a vehicle to buy.

07/16/19 A Knox resident called authorities as her boyfriend overdosed on heroin.

07/17/19 An accident at State Road 10 and State Road 23 in Culver resulted in a downed utility pole.

07/19/19 A two-vehicle accident occurred at the intersection of U.S. 35 and 500 N. in Hamlet. No injuries were reported.

07/19/19 A Knox resident filed a complaint that a car was keyed.

07/19/19 A North Judson resident told police that her exboyfriend threw a cup and broke a window.

07/19/19 A resident at Bass Lake reported the theft of a Wave Runner.

07/20/19 A San Pierre resident reported that some unknown person(s) broke glass on the front door of a home.

07/21/19 A car vs. deer accident was reported on State Road 8 and 300 E. in Knox.


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