Starke County Sheriff’s Office


09/02/19 A Grovertown resident called police to complain that his neighbor was mowing prairie grass on his property that is registered with the DNR.

09/02/19 A resident on 400 E. in Knox told dispatchers that someone driving a pickup just “dumped” a sofa in a ditch.

09/02/19 A Walkerton resident mentioned to police that the neighbor’s dog was attacking the caller and the neighbors.

09/03/19 A vehicle was located in the ditch in the 8,000 South block of US 421 on the west side of the road. No occupants located.

09/03/19 The Sheriff’s Department was advised of a burned flag at a gravestone in Lurch Cemetery.

09/03/19 A North Judson resident reported the theft of items from a barn.

09/03/19 A Knox resident told dispatchers that personal papers and items were taken from the caller’s home.

09/03/19 A North Judson resident told police that a mini van drove through a fence on her property and hit a tree. The driver was reportedly not injured.

09/04/19 A two-vehicle property damage accident was reported at State Road 23 and 400 N. in the Grovertown area.

09/04/19 A motorcycle driver hit a deer while traveling in the area of State Road 10 and 700 E. in Culver. The driver was injured and was transported to the hospital.

09/05/19 A car vs. horse accident was reported on U.S. 35 and 175 N. in Knox.

09/05/19 A Knox resident reported the theft of a golf bag.

09/06/19 A resident informed police that an email containing information about a bank transfer was intercepted where the information was changed and the money was fraudulently deposited into another person’s account.

09/07/19 A strap came off of a sanitation truck which caused a driver to lose control and go off the road and into a ditch on 50 S. in Knox.

09/07/19 A North Judson resident reported the theft of items from a trailer.

09/07/19 A two-vehicle accident was reported on U.S. 30 and 600 E. in Hamlet.

09/07/19 Two people on a golf cart, who were apparently intoxicated, went through a Walkerton resident’s garage door.

09/08/19 Two people were injured in a two-vehicle accident on E. Toto Road and 150 E. in Knox.

09/08/19 Several residents living on East State Road 10 in Knox reported vandalism. Some were caught on camera.

09/08/19 A minor personal injury accident was reported on U.S. 35 and 400 S. in Knox.

09/08/19 A resident on Hill Street in Knox told dispatchers that a large tree limb fell on his car.

09/08/19 A car vs. deer accident was reported on 600 N and 800 E. in Hamlet.


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