Starke County Sheriff’s Office


08/06/18 A Walkerton resident told police that a residence he owns was broken into and items were taken. Plus, items that do not belong to him are in his shed.

08/06/18 A Knox resident asked to speak to police as work has been paid for but work hasn’t been completed on a project.

08/06/18 A Knox resident told dispatchers that items were stolen from her purse. She wanted to file a report for stolen medication.

08/06/18 A Starke County Court officer requested an officer advising there was a female there with a gun, but permit information was not present. It was later confirmed that she has a permit to carry the handgun through Indiana.

08/06/18 A Knox resident reported that her front door was open when she returned home.

08/06/18 An Ober resident reported her dog was hit by a car and the person who hit the dog refused to pay for damages even though the dog ran into the roadway.

08/06/18 Possible drug activity was reported to police.

08/06/18 A Walkerton resident told police that items were stolen from his residence the previous day.

08/07/18 A Knox resident complained that his neighbor does not have the proper back stop while shooting his guns.

08/08/18 A Knox resident told officers that a bucket truck was broken into and all tree equipment was stolen.

08/08/18 A slide off was reported on State Road 23 and 50 S.

08/08/18 The Washington Township Fire Department was called to a vehicle fire in the Grovertown area.

08/09/18 The Indiana State Police post transferred a call to the Starke County Sheriff’s Office to notify them that a garbage truck hit a state highway truck and continued west on State Road 10 in the Knox area. The state employee did track down the driver of the garbage truck and he is returning to the scene.

08/09/18 A vehicle reportedly ran another off the road and hit other vehicles in the area of 300 W. and State Road 10 in North Judson.

08/10/18 Police received a complaint of two baby calves loose in the Koontz Lake Park.

08/10/18 An Ora resident reported his four-wheeler stolen.

08/12/18 A Knox resident told police that a mailbox was laying in his driveway.

08/12/18 A driver told dispatchers that a rear tire came off of his pickup truck and hit and damaged the vehicle behind him. The incident occurred on U.S. 35 north of the Melody Drive Inn.

08/12/18 A Knox resident reported his mailbox was knocked over last night and said he has evidence for police.

08/12/18 A driver went off the roadway on State Road 39 south of 800 S. in North Judson. The driver was injured, but conscious.

08/12/18 There was a report of a stop sign missing at 450 S. and 750 W. in Knox.

08/12/18 A Knox man reported mailbox damage.

08/12/18 A North Judson resident reported the theft of a camper.

Inclusion in the arrest reports is merely an indication an arrest was made and is not an indication of guilt. All defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.


08/08/18 Andria Roberts, 35, of Knox, arrested on preliminary charges of disorderly conduct and resisting law enforcement.

08/08/18 Bethany Lawton, 36, of Walkerton, arrested on a bench warrant and preliminary charges of unlawful possession of asyringe, possession of methamphetamine, possession of heroin, and possession of marijuana.

08/10/18 Ashley Davidson, 33, of San Pierre, arrested on a preliminary charge of habitual traffic violator.

08/11/18 Erin Sanders, 31, of La Porte, arrested on a preliminary charge of possession of a syringe.

08/11/18 Nicholas Bellecomo, 39, of North Judson arrested on a preliminary charge of battery resulting in bodily injury to another person.

08/12/18 Duane Wilmurth, 27, of Knox, arrested on preliminary charges of interference with reporting a crime, domestic battery and strangulation.

08/12/18 Carlos Morazan, 20, of Elkhart, arrested on preliminary charges of unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle, damaged steering column/ignition, criminal mischief and criminal trespass.