Golf Cart Signage at Bass Lake Causes Confusion

The Starke County Commissioners discussed signs posted by INDOT concerning the operation of golf carts on State Road 10 at Bass Lake.

Commissioner Kathy Norem said she received several comments from members of the Bass Lake Property Owners Association about the signs. Norem said there are conflicting interpretations of the signs that urge motorists to watch for crossing golf carts.

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Four New Directors Elected to BLPOA

Four new directors for the Bass Lake Property Owners’ Association (BLPOA) will be learning the ropes after they were elected Saturday. Joe Ippolito, Chris Nawaczyk, and Jack Stvan will be serving two year terms as directors for the BLPOA, and Ron Vendel will be serving a one year term as director.

A total of seven directors control BLPOA, along with four officers: Gene Novello, President; Larry Collura, Vice President; Pat Von Bampus, Secretary; and Earl McGuire, Treasurer. These individuals are in charge of handling the affairs of BLPOA, as well as sponsoring the Neighborhood Watch organization. Seven volunteers patrol the area, and members make donations that help support this program.

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