Pulaski County Commissioners Stick with Town & Country Paving for Community Crossings Projects

The Pulaski County Commissioners have decided to stick with Town & Country Paving for several miles of road projects. They accepted the company’s bid for just under $1.18 million Monday, at the recommendation of Highway Superintendent Terry Ruff. “We had Town & Country last year,” Ruff said. “They done 200 South and that stretch out here by Lawton. They’re all right, so if they’ve got the low bid, why wouldn’t you go with them? It was close between them and Central Paving, but that’s why you bid it off, I guess.”

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Pulaski County Commissioners Open Second Round of Bids for Community Crossings Projects

A second round of bidding has resulted in some slightly lower prices for planned paving work in Pulaski County. Plans call for hot mix asphalt work on County Road 550 South west of State Road 39 and County Road 600 South from State Road 119 to Base Road. The county is applying for a Community Crossings grant, to cover 75 percent of the cost.

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Winamac Town Council Opens Bids for Community Crossings Grant Projects

Paving bids for Community Crossings Grant projects were opened during last week’s Winamac Town Council meeting. Members opened bids from the companies Walsh and Kelly, E&B Paving, Central Paving and Reith Riley when they met last Monday.

E&B Paving’s bid was the highest with a $146,865 total bid. Reith Riley’s provided the next highest with a total bid of about $159,239. Walsh and Kelly submitted the second lowest total bid at $139.993 and Central Paving’s total bid was the least expensive at about $121,537. All total bids included the company’s base bid plus an alternative bid. Continue reading

Pulaski County Commissioners to Award Paving, Dump Truck Bids

Pulaski County Commissioners: Mike McClure, Jerry Locke, Kenny Becker

The Pulaski County Commissioners will make another attempt at choosing a paving contractor when they meet this morning. The county has gotten bids from three companies for hot mix asphalt work on County Road 200 South from U.S. 421 to State Road 39 and County Road 400 East from 200 North to 400 North.

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Pulaski County Commissioners to Open Bids for Paving, Lawn Care, Snow Removal, Dump Truck

Pulaski County Commissioners: Mike McClure, Jerry Locke, Kenny Becker

The Pulaski County Commissioners will open bids for various projects this evening. One of those involves several miles of paving work on County Roads 200 South and 400 East. The commissioners had approved a contract with Central Paving of Logansport for nearly $1.2 million, but they later repealed that decision to allow the project to be bid out formally. Continue reading

Sewer Separation Project in Winamac Nearly Complete

Winamac Town Hall

The sewer separation project is nearing an end in the Town of Winamac.

Clerk-Treasurer Judy Heater told us that three-quarters of the paving is done and all streets affected with the project should be finished today. The Town’s fall paving schedule was combined with the project’s paving schedule so more could be done and the work is being handled by E&B Paving and Central Paving. Heater said the businesses have been very cooperative during this long process.

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Winamac Town Board Discussed Sewer Separation Project

The Winamac Town Board discussed the sewer separation project at their meeting this week.

The Board heard that the wastewater piping had been fixed and the sewer separation was now being done on Riverside Drive between Rowan and 13th streets. The Board opened bids for the paving part of the project and pending further review of the specs from the Board Attorney, the lowest bid will be approved and that came from Central Paving at $53,545. Part of Washington Street will be paved in addition to this project. The Board hopes the entire project can be completed by the end of November or before the weather prohibits the application of asphalt.

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