Some Pulaski County Employees Asked to Give Back Pay Raises, Council Adopts Written Salary Guidelines

As the Pulaski County Council tries to clarify the county’s pay structure, department heads continue to express frustration over how it’s been implemented so far. Last month, Maintenance Supervisor Jeff Johnston complained that while two of his part-time employees got a pay raise after working for 630 hours with the apparent blessing of the council, the same increase wasn’t given to a third staff member. Now, he says the Auditor’s Office has not only taken away the raises from the first two employees, but that they’re now being asked to pay that money back.  Continue reading

Pulaski County Council to Consider Replenishing Airport Grant Match Fund

The Pulaski County Council is making funding arrangements to keep airport upgrades on track. Aviation Board President Jim McDaniel says Arens Field is in the process of getting more than $200,000 worth of improvements, “A new parking lot out front, more security across the fuel farm, working closer towards, someday, they’re going to request that we fence the whole place, but there’ll be a gate.”

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Work Session Scheduled to Help Resolve Pulaski County’s Salary Matrix Issues

Pulaski County officials hope to put an end to the confusion surrounding the county’s salary matrix, during a joint work session next week. The idea was raised during Monday’s county council and commissioners meetings. Highway Superintendent Terry Ruff and Sheriff Jeff Richwine again asked for guidance on a couple ongoing salary issues, but the council’s matrix committee still hadn’t met yet to discuss them. Council member Scott Hinkle suggested that the discussion take place with the full council and board of commissioners, instead.

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Pulaski County Council Approves Budget Transfer to Help Cover Circuit Court Overtime Costs

Overtime costs continue to add up for Pulaski Circuit Court. The Pulaski County Council voted Monday to transfer $5,000 into the court’s overtime budget from the law books line item, at the request of Judge Michael Shurn. “Last week, a two-day jury trial morphed into a four-day one,” he explained. “And I was working 16-hour days, and my staff was real close to that.”

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Pulaski Council, Commissioners to Revisit Winamac Ambulance Garage Expansion

Pulaski County Emergency Medical Services is once again asking for more room for its ambulances. EMS Director Bryan Corn told the county council and commissioners last week that the department’s trucks are outgrowing the Winamac EMS garage. “Our oldest truck, she’s really, really long,” Corn explained, “and in order to get the garage door to close, you about have to put it into the wall a little bit.”

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Pulaski Council Considers Raises for Sheriff’s Office, CDC, As Salary Matrix Confusion Continues

Employees in the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office and Community Development Commission may soon be getting raises, as the county council tries to resolve issues with the county’s salary matrix. One problem has to do with Sheriff Jeff Richwine’s salary. He told council members Monday that state statute requires his salary to be at least half that of the county prosecutor, but it’s now below that threshold since the prosecutor got a raise last year.

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Pulaski County Health Department Faces Funding Challenges

Funding challenges are causing concerns for the Pulaski County Health Department. “In doing our year-end reports for our health board meeting, it’s come to our attention that we only received about $40,000 in settlement this year,” Department Office Manager Terri Hansen told the county council Monday. “We usually get at least double that.”

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Pulaski County Officials Suggest Moving Circuit Court to Justice Center Basement, Judge Opposed

Pulaski Circuit Court Judge Michael Shurn discusses the proposed relocation of circuit court with the county council and commissioners.

Pulaski Circuit Court Judge Michael Shurn continues to push for increased security at the courthouse. He told the county council and commissioners last week that violent outbursts in and around the courtroom, as well as other county offices, are becoming more and more frequent. Continue reading

Pulaski County Contributes $30,000 for Indian Trails Career Cooperative’s Pursuit of Matching Grant

Pulaski County has decided to chip in $30,000 to help the Indian Trails Career Cooperative upgrade its equipment and train teachers. Indian Trails requested $100,000 from each of the five counties it serves to apply for a Skill UP grant from the state. Any money committed locally would be matched three-to-one, if Indian Trails is selected.

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Pulaski County Council Considering Options, Following Income Tax Revenue Shortfalls

Pulaski County may be looking to state lawmakers to help make up a shortfall in local income tax revenues. The issue was brought to the attention of the county council last month, after Winamac officials noticed a sudden drop in the town’s share of Local Levy Freeze Income Tax funds. Pulaski County communities are now facing big holes in their 2018 budgets.

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