Starke County Republican Candidates Sworn into Office

Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall, Tim Cummins, Donna Henry, Dave Kesvormas, Wendy Hoppe and Knox City Court Judge Charles Hasnerl

Five Starke County Republican candidates successful in the November Municipal Election were sworn into office last night. Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall swore in City Court Judge Charles Hasnerl and he said his office will be busy in 2012.

“One of the primary issues that we’re dealing with, along with the City in working with the Council and the Mayor, is the financial issue and trying to come up with resources to cover the costs,” said Hasnerl. “It’s a needed service and we handle a number of cases for the entire county so that’s going to be our primary focus – not just this year, but throughout this term.”

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Starke County Health Officer Asks Commissioners for Fee Changes; Reports on Food Inspections

Dr. Theresa Alexander

New Starke County Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Alexander, came before the County Commissioners at their most recent meeting to ask for two changes. She asked for a change in fee structure and a change in implementing a fine.

On the fee structure, she asked for a reduction in the septic permit fee from $200 to $60 because the future Sanitarian will not be able to conduct a soil sample. That will need to be done by a Soil Specialist, arranged for by the contractor or applicant.

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Dave Kesvormas begins Work as Starke County Food Inspector

Dave Kesvormas

Dave Kesvormas has signed a Food Inspector contract and is out conducting inspections. He signed a contract for the part-time position in Starke County last week.

Food inspectors are responsible for inspecting food establishments for possible violations with serving, storing or preparing food. He also educates establishments on handling food.

In other news from the Starke County Health Department:

Even though flu cases in Indiana are multiplying more quickly than normal, Starke County Health Nurse, Frank Lynch, told WKVI that he has heard that residents are suffering from a variety of flu symptoms but no serious cases have been reported. Lynch reminds residents to get a flu shot if they haven’t gotten one. Wash your hands frequently and cover coughs and sneezes.

Pulaski County Health Nurse, Andrea Keller, reports no severe flu cases in Pulaski County.