Winamac Park Board to Talk with Neighbors Before Allowing Changes to Veterans Memorial Park

The idea of expanding the green space in Veterans Memorial Park was again brought up during last week’s Winamac Park Board meeting. Fred Zahrt, who helped develop the park as part of the town’s tree committee, said replacing some of the gravel area with grass was part of their original plan.” The plan that I presented . . . included the whole property,” he explained, “and that included a tree or two back here and so forth.”

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Greenspace Winamac Report Given to Winamac Town Board

The Winamac Town Board heard from Fred Zarht from the Greenspace Winamac organization.

The organization applied for a grant called “Make Your Trees Count Grant Program” and in 2009, they were selected to receive the grant to pay for trees on the streets. The inventory was completed this year and only 437 vacancies remain where trees could be planted and they’re working on closing that gap. 282 trees were planted this spring.

The street trees that they have are valued at nearly $2 million. The annual benefits of street tress are valued at $192,649 or approximately $119 per tree. The trees absorb 2,528,527 gallons of water which saves the town $68,528 in sewer fees.

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