Culver Community Schools See Enrollment Growth

Culver Community School Board members received a brief enrollment report from Superintendent Karen Shuman when they met Monday night.

According to the Indiana Department of Education enrollment report, Culver Community Schools had a total enrollment of 840 students in 2016. Shuman shared that after comparing this year’s number to last year’s, she found the school corporation has nine more students in general. Continue reading

NJ-SP Sees Increase in Student Enrollment

The Indiana Department of Education does an annual student count in schools and their findings are used to determine state funding. When the average daily membership count took place at North Judson-San Pierre on Friday, September 15th, the ADM count was 1,031 students. Superintendent Dr. Annette Zupin said that for the first time in about 10 years, the school corporation saw an increase in their enrollment figures. Continue reading

Knox School Board Approves List of Summer School Teachers


The Knox School Board has finalized arrangements for next month’s summer school classes. On Monday, board members approved a list of 19 summer school teachers and aides. However, Interim Superintendent Jim Dermody explained that each middle and high school class will only be offered if at least 15 students sign up, due to Indiana Department of Education funding guidelines. Continue reading

Training Video Educates School Leaders on Sexual Abuse


A training video designed to inform school leaders and staff about sexual abuse will be released.

The Indiana Department of Education will be distributing a video to all Indiana school corporations where it is encouraged to share it with all staff members. The video is part of a collaboration between the IDOE, Indiana State Police and the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

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Teacher Performance Grants Awarded to Several Local Schools

Indiana Department of EducationEducators at several local schools will receive a share of the $30 million in Teacher Performance Grants awarded by the state to more than 1,300 schools. Funds were given to schools with students earning ISTEP+ or end of course assessment passing scores of 72.5 percent or above or with a growth in graduation rates of 5 percent ore more from the previous year. Teachers who are rated effective or highly effective under Indiana’s teacher evaluation system for the 2013-2014 academic year will be paid based on student performance. Continue reading

Indiana DOE Releases School Grades

 The Indiana Department of Education released the A-F grades for all schools in the state on Wednesday. The release of the grades was delayed after the State Board of Education had received appeals from several schools.

Locally, Knox High School and Knox Elementary School received an A grade, along with Culver Elementary and Middle Schools, the North Judson-San Pierre Elementary School, West Central High School and Elementary School and all three Eastern Pulaski schools.

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Schools Send Waiver to State to Forgive Monday and Tuesday as Missed Days

The state will forgive missed days of school on Monday and Tuesday if a waiver is filed with the Indiana Department of Education.

West Central Schools Superintendent Charles Mellon stated that he has filed the proper paperwork to have Monday and Tuesday forgiven as no school was in session either day. He also included an attachment of a notice sent by Pulaski County officials stating that the county was under a condition on Wednesday where emergency vehicles were the only approved vehicles to be on the roadways.

Mellon hopes that the school’s built in snow days will not need to utilized and the state will approve all three days.

Culver Community Schools will use Monday, Jan. 20 as a make up day for the cancellation of school on Wednesday, Jan. 8.