Several Elected Officials Unopposed Heading into Final Week of Candidate Filing

With less than a week left for candidates to file to run in the May primary, many incumbents remain unopposed. As of Friday afternoon, the only local contested race was for Knox clerk-treasurer. Colleen Hodge and Cyndi Mann-Kidder are vying for the Democratic Party nomination, according to the Starke County Clerk’s Office. Incumbent Jeff Houston is not seeking another term.

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Knox City Council Members Sign Annual Nepotism Contracts

Nepotism contracts were passed out and signed during Tuesday night’s Knox City Council meeting.

Nepotism contracts are signed to prevent any potential conflicts-of-interest from occurring within a municipality. Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston informed the council members that during a meeting he recently attended, he was advised to include this on the agenda even though it is an annual procedure.

Houston said there was one document that was passed out and signed to all the present council members. He added that since Councilman Don Kring recently completed some work for the city police department, there was another document only needed his signature. Continue reading

Local Artists to Collaborate on Mural for Serenity Gardens in Knox

Mayor Dennis Estok shared some information with Knox City Council members about a mural that will be put up on the wall behind Serenity Gardens located at the corner of Main and Lake Streets in downtown Knox.

At Tuesday night’s city council meeting, Mayor Estok said that he met with some local talent recently and brainstormed some ideas about how to tackle the project.

“We do have three local artists, Joe Eskridge, Zac Hunter and Ryan Ehresman, they’re all three working together,” Estok explained, “What they’re going to do is basically, they’re going do three different themes and what I want them to do is bring the themes in and invite the public to view them and everything.” Continue reading

Knox City Council Votes to Establish Ordinance Defining the Official Duties of Council Members

Knox City Council members voted to move forward with establishing an ordinance that would define the official duties of city council members when they met last week.

Up until now, the duties of a council member have been implied but unspecified. This proposed ordinance would establish expectations and responsibilities for council members, including things such as attendance and constituent representation. Continue reading

Knox Citizen Voices Concern Over Heavy Trucks on Henry Drive

A member of the public voiced her concern about large trucks traveling on Henry Drive during the citizen’s comments portion of Tuesday night’s Knox City Council Meeting.

The resident said she understands that there are certain larger city vehicles that must come down that way, but she feels heavier semis that frequent the street are contributing to a road issue.

The resident of Henry Drive stated, “I noticed there is a huge crack that’s getting bigger and bigger and bigger from the big trucks going down. And I know that the garbage truck has to go down the street but there are big semis and delivery trucks, so why can’t they go on 8?” Continue reading