Knox Seniors Take Honor Walk Through Elementary School

Knox High School’s graduating seniors took one last walk through their old elementary school before they graduate. Wearing their caps and gowns, the seniors walked in procession through the elementary school Friday morning, as “Pomp and Circumstance” played over the school’s intercom. The elementary students lined the hallways to high-five the soon-to-be graduates. Continue reading

Knox School Board Celebrates Four-Star Status


The Knox School Board last night applauded the announcement of the receipt by the High School of a “4 Star School” rating from the Indiana Department of Education.

To achieve this designation the school must be in the top 25-percentile of schools in two ISTEP-based categories, as well as earn the highest designation in the state’s accountability system and be accredited by the IDOE. Continue reading

Knox High School Principal Responds to Prom Dress Code Criticism


A dress code for those attending the Knox High School prom has been drawing criticism from some students and community members. Among the eight guidelines listed for girls’ clothing, are the requirements “Formal Long Dresses,” and “No cleavage, no flesh touching flesh.” Meanwhile, the dress code for boys simply states, “Tuxedos/Suits.” Continue reading

Knox High School Special Needs Students Help Prepare Computers for Sale to the Community


Finding a working computer in good condition can be quite a daunting task. Knox High School wants to make that process easier on you. During the first week of June, students, parents and community members have the chance to come down to the high school and purchase a MacBook Laptop for $120. The laptops have been returned to factory settings and have undergone thorough checks by a helpful group of students. Continue reading

Knox High School Class of 2015 Leaving a Legacy


Rather than a senior prank, the Knox High School 2015 graduating class opted for a senior project instead. The deliberation over what to do began back in October as senior project coordinator John Poindexter inquired about what the students would like to do.

Poindexter said, “The students decided to go for the beautification of that lot down there at Main and Lake street. Normally we just do the paper work stuff and figure out that in class but they wanted to do it hands on. So we went through all the permissions of the school board and city council. Then we started fund-raising.”

They received enough donations to purchase seven park benches and two picnic tables. The class succeeded in selling more than 200 personally engraved bricks for $30 each. Flowers and plants were donated by local businesses and various members of the community. The economic development committee paid for a brick gazebo to be installed.

Since construction is still ongoing, some graduating students have volunteered to continue working on the project into June. Poindexter urges other seniors to assist in finishing up. Future senior classes may take on responsibility for replanting flowers and foliage and potential new additions. Currently the city of Knox is responsible for the upkeep of the area which is located behind the Nancy J. Dembowski community center.