Knox Board of Works Members Consider Request from Main Street Homeowners

The Knox Board of Works members considered a request from residents at 205 S Main Street when they met this week.

Mayor Dennis Explained that the homeowners were seeking permission to place a dumpster in the road in front of their home as they complete some roof work. He explained, “They absolutely have no room in their yard to put a dumpster and they can’t put it in the alley because of the garbage and all that.” Continue reading

More Renovation Work Needed Before the Knox Redevelopment Pilot Program Can Start

Some more work still needs to be done to the building at 10 South Main Street before the Knox Redevelopment Pilot Program can get off the ground.

Mayor Dennis Estok announced at last week’s city council meeting that things are getting close but they’re not quite there yet. Estok told members, “There’s a possibility that it will be in good enough shape in probably about a month to start advertising that pilot program.” Continue reading

Knox City Council Members Agree to Light Up Lake Street with New LED Bulbs

After realizing the advantages of having more illumination on Main Street in downtown Knox, city officials have decided to purchase more LED lights for other spots around town.

When city council members met last week, Mayor Dennis Estok said an additional six lights will be purchased for Lake Street and suggested purchasing three lights for the community center parking lot. The mayor mentioned that each light and globe costs approximately $250, meaning that nine more bulbs and globes would be around $2,250.

Council members came to the conclusion that lighting in the parking lot is not really a priority right now, so they opted out of getting an extra three bulbs for that area. Continue reading

Mayor Estok Announces Plans to Purchase More LED Lights for the City of Knox

You may have noticed a bit of a change in downtown Knox. Other than the Christmas decorations brightening things up a bit, 10 new LED bulbs are now lining Main Street.

Last Tuesday, Mayor Estok explained that the new lights that were able to be installed without any additional steps. Previously, there was a concern that the existing ballasts would need to be bypassed, but after communicating with the company, it was found that they could be installed as is. Continue reading

Knox City Council Unofficially Discusses Potential New Lighting Downtown

Mayor Dennis Estok has been discussing the possibility of replacing the lights in the downtown area during the last few Knox City Council meetings. They have been experimenting with a new kind of bulb. When they first met in September, he suggested that the council members take a little time after the meeting was adjourned to see the change and provide their input.

At their meeting last Tuesday, Mayor Estok said the experiment bulb was moved from its initial placement due to an obstruction from a near by tree. However, even with the tree covering the original spot, many council members said they could see a definite difference in brightness. Continue reading