Knox Middle School Principal to Retire June 30th

Steve Cronk

Knox Middle School Principal, Steve Cronk, was going over his last analysis of ISTEP results when Anita Goodan walked into his office for his last radio interview. The reigns are being handed to Assistant Principal, Dave Miller, who has been in that position for the past 17 years.

“Dave will do a marvelous job. He does a great job of things that a lot of people haven’t really seen because he’s had the Assistant Principal job. Dave is a real lover of kids. He has a very close relationship with kids which will get closer as he moves out of that discipline role into the Principal role.”

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Spotlight on Success Falls on Knox Middle School

Danielle Slomka and Tyler Simola-Wallingford

The Spotlight on Success fell on the Knox Middle School students and their video news program at the recent meeting of the Knox Community School Board.  The news program that contained school news and the weather forecast aired on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the beginning of the day.   Middle School Guidance Counselor, Chris Ross, helped the students edit and record their program in the school’s “green room”.   Danielle Slomka and Tyler Simola-Wallingford answered questions from the Board and explained the news program.

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Starke County Youth Club to Offer Summer School

The Starke County Youth Club will be offering summer school for Knox Middle School students and North Judson-San Pierre and Oregon-Davis Elementary students.

Students will be engaged in Math and Language Arts during the summer, but no textbooks will be used. Hands-on computer applications and games and activities will help students learn the skills needed in those subjects. During the afternoon, 20 camps will be offered that range from science and sporting events to dancing and music.

The Starke County Youth Club summer school program will begin June 20th and go until July 22nd. Transportation will be provided.

Knox Community School Board Appoints New Middle School Principal

The Knox Community School Board members appointed a new Middle School Principal Monday night.

“The Board appointed Dave Miller, the current Middle School Assistant Principal, as Principal,” said Superintendent, A.J. Gappa. “His term will begin on July 1st of this current year. Dave has been with the Corporation for a little over 20 years, I believe, and he’s been in the current post of Assistant Principal at the Middle School for the last 17 years. The Board thought he’s been loyal to the District and they wanted to give him his chance at the Principal-ship. In the past, Mr. Miller has served under two or three different principals and at one point, he didn’t feel that he wanted to accept the Principal-ship because he was happy where he was. But, at this point I think he feels it was time for him and the Board agreed.”

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Anchor Writers Celebration Held Thursday at Knox Middle School

An Anchor Writers luncheon celebration was held Thursday, May 5th at the Knox Middle School.

“About five or six years ago, we decided that as a K-12 system we needed to promote good writing,” explained Middle School Principal, Steve Cronk. “Four times year, we ask students to provide us with writing samples and then from those samples the teachers select the best ones. We then have those kids come in for the luncheon. They get a free lunch with their parents and their teachers, and they get a booklet that contains their essay as well as the other winning essays.”

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Starke County Drug Free Double Dare Event this Sunday

Knox, North Judson-San Pierre and Oreon-Davis students in grades 6-12 will be competing in the annual Drug Free Double Dare event Sunday, April 3rd at 1:30 p.m. CT at the Knox Middle School.

“Drug Free Double Dare is based on the concept of the Nickelodeon Double Dare,” explained Knox Middle School Guidance Counselor, Chris Ross. “We give it an anti-drug twist. The students received a study guide with information about different types of drugs. On Sunday, the students will then answer questions based on what they’ve studied.”

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Knox Middle School Students to Job Shadow Friday

Chris Ross

115 Knox 7th grade students will be job shadowing Friday.

Middle School Guidance Counselor, Chris Ross, explains what kind of jobs the students will be learning about tomorrow.

“Health care jobs from Starke County, the Plymouth hospital, Winamac hospital, Starke County Library, several educational institutions, several local schools – Plymouth, Walkerton, North Judson, and our high school as well as the Elementary, and several vet clinics,” Ross said. “We have a really good mix of jobs being shadowed this year.”

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Knox Middle School Students, Staff Raise $600 for American Heart Association

Knox Middle School faculty and students recently participated in a fundraiser for the American Heart Association.

“We decided that the best way to raise money to help the American Heart Association was to sell Heart Association t-shirts and arrange a pie-in-the-face competition for Valentine’s Day,” explained Knox Middle School Principal, Steve Cronk. “By combining those two exercises, we have raised over $600.”

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Knox Community School Board Approves Retirement of Middle School Principal Steve Cronk

Steve Cronk

The Knox Community School Board approved the retirement of Middle School Principal, Steve Cronk, at its meeting Monday night.

“Mr. Cronk, who has worked in a number of school corporations throughout Indiana, but who has been at the Knox Middle School as Principal for the last number of years, decided it’s finally time to sit back and enjoy life a little bit,” said Superintendent A.J. Gappa. “He has submitted a letter of retirement that will take effect on June 30th. The Board regrettably accepted that resignation. It’s kind of a bittersweet personnel report when you accept the retirement of a person who has meant a lot to a lot of the kids at the Middle School here.”

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Andy Howes’ MIA Bracelet Displayed at Knox Elementary School

Andy Howes' MIA bracelet is displayed at the Knox Elementary School

Before he passed away in 1995, beloved Knox Middle School Principal Chuck James bequeathed some of his prized possessions to those who he thought would enjoy them. One of the possessions was an MIA bracelet he had worn after the downing of Andy Howes’ helicopter in Vietnam. The bracelet has been in the Board Room at the Knox Elementary School in a display case.

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