Knox Mayor Anticipates Largest Turn out Ever during May’s Prayer Breakfast

Knox officials are expecting a big turn out for the annual Prayer Breakfast next month.

Mayor Dennis Estok let city council members know what’s happening with the event when they met Tuesday night.

He explained, “The Prayer Breakfast on May the 2nd is sold out, we have no more seats available. This will probably be the largest we’ve ever had with 38 tables and 8 at each table.”

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Tickets for Knox Prayer Breakfast Must be Purchased by Monday, April 15th

The deadline to purchase a ticket for this year’s Prayer Breakfast in Knox is coming up next month.

During his report at last Tuesday’s city council meeting, Mayor Dennis Estok told members and patrons that this year’s breakfast will be held on Thursday, May 2nd. Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston mentioned that Mark Bailey is scheduled to be the speaker for the event.

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