COVID-19 Response Could Impact Revenues for City of Knox

The response to COVID-19 will mean some adjustments for the City of Knox. Mayor Dennis Estok told the city council last week that preliminary reports suggest a decrease in funding for cities, towns, and counties. “The revenue stream is going to be shorted with this, and if you look at it, our [County Economic Development Income Tax] funds, people get laid off, unemployment, that’s where it comes from,” he explained.

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Knox Officials Attempt to Secure Funding Assistance for Wastewater Treatment Plant Project

Knox City officials are once again applying for a Community Development Block Grant through OCRA’s Wastewater Drinking Water program to help fund an improvement project at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The Kankakee Iroquois Regional Planning Commission (KIRPC) is serving as the grant writer and administrator for this project. KIRPC Community Development Planner Emily Albaugh attended Tuesday night’s Knox City Council meeting and presented some information during the public hearing over the grant application.

She informed council members that this grant application will differ from the initial one since they’re now permitted to apply for even more funding. Continue reading

Knox City Council Holds Hearing Over Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvement Project

Knox City Council members held a public hearing and considered two resolutions related to the proposed improvement project at the Wastewater Treatment Plant when they met this week.

At the start of Tuesday’s hearing, KIRPC Community Development Planner Emily Albaugh reminded those in attendance that the City of Knox is applying for OCRA’s Wastewater Drinking Water grant. Continue reading

Knox City Council to Hold Public Hearing Over Wastewater Treatment Plant Project Tonight

The Knox City Council members will hold a public hearing over a project at the Wastewater Treatment Plant when they meet tonight.

Members are also expected to consider three resolutions. One resolution has to deal with wastewater system improvement bonds and another would authorize application submission and local match commitment in regards to a WDW application. Continue reading

Knox Dumpster Days to Be Held at Wastewater Treatment Plant this Saturday and Sunday

The Knox Mayor’s Office issued a reminder that “ Spring Clean-Up Dumpster Days” will be held this weekend.

Residents can drop items off from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Saturday, May 19th and Sunday May 20th. The dumpsters will be located in Wythogan Park, at the Wastewater Treatment Plant in the rear of the park.

This event is restricted to residents who live within the city limits only. Continue reading

Knox Mayor Provides Update About Reducing the Scope of the Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabilitation Project

Knox Mayor Dennis Estok provided a brief update about the city’s wastewater treatment plant rehabilitation project when city council members met last Tuesday.

Mayor Estok explained that the city was initially trying to obtain a USDA grant. However, that grant was not received and the project had to be reworked to be more financially feasible. Continue reading

Knox Wastewater Concerns Continue

The City of Knox is urging residents to take precautions for possible sewage backups. As of Friday morning, the Knox Wastewater Treatment Plant is running above capacity, according to Mayor Dennis Estok. He’s still asking residents and businesses to reduce consumption and use of water and make sure basement and bathroom floor drains are plugged.

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