Knox Wastewater Treatment Facility Stops Treatment of MPI Waste Water

Kelly Clemons

According to Knox Mayor Rick Chambers the City has had to stop accepting waste water from MPI. The company and the City have run into problems that have not been solved yet. Kelly Clemons, the Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent talked about the problem.

“Basically, the problem is that the detergents that they’re giving us is just more than what our system can handle,” explained Clemons. “Our Treatment Plant is just too small to handle the amounts they have with the growth they’ve had over the years.”

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City of Knox, MPI, Working to Properly Treat Chemicals at Knox Wastewater Treatment Facility

Knox Wastewater Treatment Plant

Mayor Rick Chambers updated the Knox City Council members on the possible resumption of water discharge from the Indiana Fine Blanking (MPI) Plant in Knox into the City Wastewater Treatment Plant.

MPI has to treat the metals it produces so no rust will appear on the finished product. A soap is used in the water treatment to clean the metal. When it was discharged into the Knox Wastewater Treatment Plant, it was interfering with the plant’s equipment. According to Wastewater Superintendent, Kelly Clemons, the size of the plant and its equipment made it impossible to handle the discharge.

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