Culver School Board Makes Arrangements for Bus Purchase

The Culver Community Schools Corporation is looking to replace an extra school bus this year. Bus 24 was scheduled to be replaced in 2020, but school officials have decided to move that forward, according to Treasurer Casey Howard. The school board took steps to make funds available earlier this month. But Howard told board members this week that the 2018 through 2030 bus replacement plan had to be amended before the state would allow the additional appropriation. The school board passed a resolution Monday to accept the amended plan.

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Bowen Center to Provide Mental Health Services to Knox High School Students


The Knox Community School Corporation has entered into another agreement for mental health services. Last month, the school board approved a one-year contract with Porter-Starke Services for the elementary and middle schools, with the understanding it could be expanded to the high school in the future. But during this week’s meeting, board members approved a contract with the Bowen Center for services at the high school.

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United Mobile Care Operators Accused of Health Care Fraud

Four people involved with a San Pierre ambulance service are among those facing criminal charges, following a nationwide crackdown on health care fraud. Edward T. Kerr Jr., Brenda Kerr, Mark K. Estrada, and Tammy Estrada are accused of submitting false claims to Medicare and Medicaid, leading to losses of over $100,000, according to a press release from U.S. Attorney Thomas Kirsch. The four were believed to be involved in the operation of United Mobile Care.

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Pulaski EMS May Be Able to Take More Transfers, As New Paramedics Join Department

Pulaski County EMS continues to deny most ambulance transfer requests from Pulaski Memorial Hospital, but EMS Director Bryan Corn expects that to change, as new paramedics are added to the department. He told the county commissioners Monday that his department denied all but one of the hospital’s 10 transfer requests during the month of April. Pulaski County EMS has decided not to take transfers when there’s only one paramedic on duty.

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Donnelly Raises Concerns Over GOP Health Care Plan

U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly

U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly says he can’t support the Republican alternative to the Affordable Care Act in its current form. He’s not opposed to improvements aimed at making health insurance more affordable but says he’s not going to vote for anything that takes healthcare away from those struggling with conditions like diabetes or heart disease who have finally gotten coverage. Continue reading