North Judson Department Heads Start Considering Plans for 2019 Budget

North Judson Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe has started the budget process for the 2019 fiscal year by providing all department heads with budget form one to fill out.

Rowe explained that “form ones” list amounts from past budgets for comparison and gives the department heads a chance to provide an estimation of what they expect to see in the next fiscal year. Continue reading

31-Year-Old Oversight Resolved at North Judson Town Council Meeting

The North Judson Town Council took one last step to address an unresolved request from the 1980’s during their meeting Monday night.

The “ordinance vacating an alley” passed on third and final reading. It relinquishes the town’s ownership of a 16-foot alley between Dahlke and Lyle Streets. The vacated alley will now be evenly divided between neighboring property owners. Continue reading

North Judson Town Council Members Discuss Potential Expansion at Highland Cemetery

North Judson Town Council members are considering what to do at Highland Cemetery now that space is becoming limited.

Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe alerted council members last week that there are only about 12 to 20 grave spaces remaining at Highland Cemetery.

He noted that if they were to cross a highway or county road, a whole new cemetery would have to be established so they’re looking into the possibility of land acquisition. Continue reading

North Judson Town Council Holds Second Reading Over Ordinance to Vacate 16-Foot Alley

Back in April, North Judson Town Council members started taking steps to address an unresolved request to vacate an alley that was initially submitted in the 1980s.

When members met Monday night, they conducted the second reading of the ordinance that would relinquish the town’s ownership of a 16-foot alley between Dahlke and Lyle Streets. Once the alley is vacated, it will be evenly divided up amongst neighboring property owners. Continue reading

NJ Town Council Approves Amended Owner-Engineer Agreement for Drinking Water and Wastewater Projects

North Judson Town Council members approved an amended version of the owner-engineer agreement with CommonWealth Engineers when they met Monday night.

Project Engineer Rob Bellucci spoke on behalf of the firm. He alerted members that since the base agreement only covered the services provided for the environmental report, an amendment had to be made in order for the agreement to encompass other aspects of the projects. Continue reading

NJ Town Council Considers Request from Local Independent Filmmaker Seeking Facility for Indoor Scenes

A local independent filmmaker came before the North Judson Town Council last Monday, seeking permission to utilize a building in town for an upcoming movie he plans to make. Jacob Dessauer told council members that he is seeking a facility to utilize where he can construct disposable sets for indoor scenes.

“I’m filming an independent movie around North Judson and my property out in English Lake.” He went on, “I was wondering if the Town owned or knew of any spaces roughly 18×12 foot with a 9-foot ceiling just as a minimum that they would be able to donate or loan for a certain period of time.” Continue reading

North Judson Book of Codes and Ordinances to Undergo Reviews

North Judson Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe and Code Enforcement Officer Joe Leszek plan to go over the town’s book of ordinances soon to check for any necessary revisions or amendments.

Clerk-Treasurer Rowe said that the last time ordinances were put together was in 2007, so the codes are overdue for some review. Aside from retracting any outdated or unneeded codes and updating existing ones, Leszek said there also needs to be something added that implements consequences for repeat offenders or people who fail to comply after a warning has been issued.

The Code Enforcement Officers explained, “We write somebody a ticket, that person doesn’t pay the ticket and they don’t take care of the violation or they do the pay the ticket but they still don’t take care of the violation, so where do we escalate from there? Is there a fee? First offense is $50 and the second offense goes up to whatever amount Marshal Fisher or the board finds appropriate.”

Continue reading

First National Bank of Monterey Provides Presentation to North Judson Town Council Members

The North Judson Town Council was informed that First National Bank of Monterey is willing to raise the town’s interest rate on their general fund when members met Monday night.

The Town currently has their general account at the First National Bank of Monterey and has recently been considering a switch over to First Farmers Bank and Trust. Continue reading

North Judson Clerk-Treasurer Inquires About Town’s Policy on Buying Back Graves

A question about the town of North Judson’s policy on buying back grave plots was raised during this week’s town council meeting.

Tuesday night, Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe alerted members that an individual recently came into the Clerk’s Office and inquired about selling back two graves that he purchased for $350 each since his plans have changed and he no longer intends to be buried in town. Continue reading

North Judson Town Council Receives Updates from CommonWealth Engineers, Considers Amended Agreement

An amended Owner-Engineer Agreement was presented at Monday night’s North Judson Town Council meeting.

CommonWealth Engineers Vice President of Business Development Vince Sommers gave members a few updates over the town’s Water Treatment Plant and Combined Sewage Overflow (CSO) Improvement projects. He also submitted an amended owner-engineer agreement for their consideration. Continue reading

North Judson Town Council Awards Bid for Cemetery Mowing Contract

T&J Lawn Care,  out of Walkerton, will be handling the mowing services for Pioneer and Highland Cemeteries following a decision made by North Judson Town Council members Monday night.

The cemetery mowing contract was initially advertised back in March and individuals had a month to submit bids. The Town Council received and opened two bids last night.

The bid submitted by Tim Rhodes, the owner of T&J Lawn Care Services, was for a total of $12,000. The second bid, submitted by Mike Fanelli came in at $20,995. Continue reading

North Judson Town Council Members Choose to Consolidate Railroad Insurance Payments

North Judson Town Council members will save some money on their railroad insurance payments after approving a recommendation made by Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe at their meeting last week.

Rowe first brought this idea up when the payments began but he did some additional research on the payment methods and coordinated with President Wendy Hoppe about the matter prior to bringing the suggestion before the council. Continue reading

Permit Question Brought Before the North Judson Town Council

With this weekend’s pleasant weather, you may have noticed ice cream trucks making their first rounds of the season. A citizen of North Judson submitted a question to town council members Monday night, about a truck he saw driving around town over the weekend.

He asked what kind of permit is required for those drivers to sell their wares. Town Council President Wendy Hoppe responded that they need a peddler’s permit to legally sell the treats within the town limits. Continue reading

North Judson Town Council Members Discuss Advertisement for Cemetery Mowing and Additional Duties

Pioneer Cemetery  in North Judson. Photo courtesy of

North Judson Town Council members considered the advertisement for cemetery mowing when they met Monday night.

Individuals applying for this job would be bidding on lawn care, leaf clean up and debris removal for both Highland and Pioneer Cemeteries. They would be expected to provide all labor, equipment and fuel.

Members noted that the proposed advertisement was the same as last year’s. However, since they experienced some problems with last year’s service, they wanted to avoid any potential confusion by clearly stating what is expected of the bidder. Continue reading

Norwayne Field Amphitheater Was Delivered and is Being Stored Temporarily

The amphitheater for Norwayne Field in North Judson has been delivered and its size called for alternative storage options to be utilized.

Initially, the plan was to temporarily store it in the park garage, but at Monday’s town council meeting, Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe stated that it was a bit too big for that. Town Superintendent Marshall Horstmann said they were able to store part of it where they originally planned and another portion is being stored in a building out on Railroad Street. Continue reading