Pulaski County Council May Consider Courthouse Elevator Replacement, Court Software Switch

A new elevator for the Pulaski County Courthouse may be considered by the county council. Last week, the Pulaski County Commissioners gave their support to a plan from Keystone Architecture to replace the existing elevator with a larger, ADA-compliant one in the same spot. Now, it’s up to the county council to make the necessary funding arrangements for the project to move ahead. Continue reading

State Supreme Court Justice Visits Knox City Court

City Court Judge Charlie Hasnerl (R) welcomes Justice Frank Sullivan, Jr.

State Supreme Court Justice Frank Sullivan, Jr. was in Knox Friday afternoon. Justice Sullivan chairs the Court’s Judicial Technology and Automation Committee which guides courts throughout the state to upgrade it’s technology.

“The Judicial Technology and Automation Committee has many projects, but the single biggest and most important one is providing to each of the courts in Indiana, and there are about 400 of them, a computer system to help those courts keep track of their cases,” explained Justice Sullivan.

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