Selected Furniture’s Tax Abatement Request Denied by Knox City Council

A tax abatement request for Selected Furniture was considered during Tuesday night’s Knox City Council meeting. Mayor Dennis Estok presented the request to the council members and noted a few details about the company.

He shared that as of a few weeks ago, Selected Furniture still needed to pay about $37,458 in real property taxes and $21,062.85 in personal property taxes for a total of approximately $58,521 owed in back taxes. Continue reading

New Business Locating to Knox

Attorney Ed Volk and Tommy Shelef field questions about Selected Furniture

Over the past several weeks, rumors have floated around Knox that a furniture manufacturing plant will be locating here. Those rumors have been confirmed. Selected Furniture will be moving to Knox from China. The deal was closed last night when the Knox City Council passed two resolutions: one for economic revitalization and the other on benefits for tax abatement.

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