Software Request Tabled

Starke County Commissioners: Kathy Norem, Dan Bridegroom and Jennifer Davis

The Starke County Commissioners yesterday tabled a request by the County Auditor, Kay Chaffins, and Interim Treasurer, Kasey Clark, for new financial software. George Zeltner, of Low Associates of South Bend, answered questions about how the system could streamline both offices, including the providing of information between the two governmental entities.

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Starke County Highway Superintendent Explains use of Revenue Forms

Steve Siddall

The Starke County Commissioners and Auditor Kay Chaffins have instituted a new monthly report form for offices that have cash drawers. Some offices missed the turn-in deadline this month, including the highway department.

Highway Superintendent Steve Siddall explains why.

“Kay sent us out a financial statement that has to be prepared every month,” explained Siddall. “We don’t handle cash, so we have been instructed by the State Board of Accounts to fill out another type of form.”

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Starke County Democrat Precinct Committeeman to Seek New County Treasurer

Linda Belork

The Starke County Precinct Committee persons have been notified that the Democrat party has decided to permanently replace Linda Belork in the office of Starke County Treasurer. Belork was removed as Treasurer on August 11th by the Starke County Commissioners because of a state audit that pointed out financial discrepancies. The county also filed suit against the bonding company, Ohio Casualty, which subsequently canceled Mrs. Belork’s bond.

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