Knox BZA Approves Variance for Pacific Avenue Property Owner

The Knox BZA met Monday night to consider a variance on the 40-foot rear-yard setback requirement for commercial properties. The owner of Royal Star Builders, Tim Miller, is looking to build a dual-purpose business on Pacific Avenue.

He bought a piece of residential property and took all the necessary steps to have it rezoned to commercial. The only thing standing in the way of construction was the fact that in his site plan, the rear-yard came in about 25 feet shorter than the required footage, so he could not apply for a building permit. Continue reading

BZA Meeting Scheduled for Pacific Avenue Property Owner

Knox Planning Commission members were informed about an upcoming Board of Zoning Appeals meeting when they met Tuesday night.

Planning Administrator Kenny Pfost stated that a notice of the meeting has been published and neighboring property owners have been notified.

The meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 14th at 7 p.m. in Knox City Hall. Property owner Tim Miller will be submitting a request for a variance on the rear-yard setback requirement since his site plan currently doesn’t meet the 40-foot requirement for commercial properties. Continue reading

Knox City Council Considers One Petition For Annexation and One for Vacation

Knox City Council amended their agenda to consider two petitions when they met last Tuesday. The first petition was from JW Hicks for voluntary annexation of a piece of real estate into the city of Knox. Members unanimously approved a motion to enter the petition into their minutes and to advertise for a public hearing over the request.

Members also addressed a request from business owner Tim Miller related a dual-purpose structure he’s trying to build on Pacific Avenue. Miller’s petition asks the city to vacate a 66-foot easement behind his property so he can meet the 40-foot set back requirement for rear-yards on commercial properties. Continue reading

Business Owner Submits Site Plan to Knox Planning Commission for Review, Faces Issue with Rear-Yard Setback Requirement

A Knox business owner looking to build a dual-purpose structure will have to complete a few more steps before construction can commence at his Pacific Avenue property.

Owner of Royal Star Builders Tim Miller came before the Planning Commission Tuesday night in order to present his site plan for review. Miller intends to construct a building at 409 Pacific Avenue that will serve as a shop for his construction company and an office for his wife’s bio-medical feedback business. Continue reading

Knox Planning Commission to Hold Public Hearing Over Zoning Request

Knox Planning Commission members voted to hold a public hearing over a requested zoning change when they met Tuesday night.

When discussing potential zoning changes, Tim Miller, the owner of Royal Star Builders, addressed the board members. He said he’s interested in having a property that he purchased at 409 Pacific Avenue rezoned from residential to commercial. Continue reading