Knox City Council Approves Amended General Obligation Bond Ordinance

Knox City Council members considered an amended General Obligation Bond Ordinance when they met last Tuesday.

As a reminder, the city of Knox will be purchasing a pumper truck for the Knox-Center Township Volunteer Fire Department to replace an aging model that is more than 30-years-old.

In order to finance the purchase, the city will be utilizing general obligation bonds. Continue reading

Knox City Council Gets an Early Start on General Obligation Bond Process, at Umbaugh’s Recommendation

Knox Mayor Dennis Estok alerted city council members of some changes to the general obligation bond process when they met last Thursday.

Estok issued an updated timetable for the general obligation bonds that the city will be using to finance the purchase of a pumper truck. He informed members about a suggestion made by the city’s financial advisors that impacted the timeline. Continue reading

Knox City Council Moves Forward with Bond Process Required for Fire Truck Purchase

Steps were taken by Knox City Council members this week to finalize financial arrangements related to a pumper truck that will be purchased for the Knox-Center Township Fire Department.

An appropriation hearing was held and two ordinances were considered on final readings when members met on Tuesday.

These steps were necessary so that when officials are ready to make a payment for the truck, the General Obligation bonds that are being used to finance the purchase will be sold and then the money can be appropriated to pay the fire truck company. Continue reading