Truck Drivers are Being Advised to Take an Alternate Route in the City of Knox

Due to the flooding and road closures in and around the City of Knox, a revised truck route has been designated for trucks entering and leaving the industrial park.

Until further notice, truck drivers are advised to take 200 South to 300 East. Businesses should immediately notify their drives of this alternate route. Drivers should refrain from traveling down any other roads that are typically restricted to trucks.  Continue reading

Knox Citizen Voices Concern Over Heavy Trucks on Henry Drive

A member of the public voiced her concern about large trucks traveling on Henry Drive during the citizen’s comments portion of Tuesday night’s Knox City Council Meeting.

The resident said she understands that there are certain larger city vehicles that must come down that way, but she feels heavier semis that frequent the street are contributing to a road issue.

The resident of Henry Drive stated, “I noticed there is a huge crack that’s getting bigger and bigger and bigger from the big trucks going down. And I know that the garbage truck has to go down the street but there are big semis and delivery trucks, so why can’t they go on 8?” Continue reading

City Officials Clash Over Truck Route Fines

Knox Truck OrdinanceThe Knox City Council voted 3-2 to raise the fine for truck route violations from $50 to $150 after a spirited discussion. Mayor Dennis Estok contends the fine needs to be raised in order to deter local drivers from playing the odds and using Culver Road to get from U.S. 35 to the Knox Industrial Park instead of taking State Road 8. Councilman Tim Manns renewed his call for additional signs to alert truck drivers of the route.

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Knox Council Discusses Truck Route GPS Updates

Knox Truck OrdinanceMaking necessary updates to GPS systems to reflect truck routes is a more involved process than City of Knox and Starke County officials initially realized. Last month Knox started enforcing its truck route ordinance, which prohibits through traffic weighing more than 10 tons with more than three axles from using Culver Road and other surface streets to get from U.S. 35 to the Knox Industrial Park on 300 East/Klockner Drive. Continue reading

Highway Superintendent Talks Truck Routes

Knox Truck OrdinanceThe Starke County Highway Department is keeping an eye on alternate routes trucks are taking to access the Knox Industrial Park while planning for a long-term solution. The City of Knox recently started enforcing a truck route to keep tractor-trailers off Culver Road and other residential streets. The marked truck route uses State Road 8 to 300 East. Starke County Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler says some over-the-road drivers are also turning by Kem-Co and taking 200 South. Continue reading

Knox Board of Works Talks Truck Route Enforcement

The Knox Street Department recently posted "no trucks" signs at the intersection of South Heaton Street and West Culver Road.
The Knox Street Department recently posted “no trucks” signs at the intersection of South Heaton Street and West Culver Road.

Enforcement of the City of Knox truck route has some over-the-road drivers seeking alternate routes to access the industrial park. Mayor Dennis Estok to the board of works yesterday he’s gotten several telephone calls and emails since the stepped-up patrols started earlier this month. He says truckers are going down every side street they can to avoid taking Culver Road to and from the industrial park. Continue reading

Knox Begins Truck Route Enforcement

City_of_Knox_LogoEnforcement of truck routes through the city of Knox is now in effect. Mayor Dennis Estok says the goal is to get tractor-trailers off Culver Road as they travel between U.S. 35 and the Knox Industrial Park on Klockner Drive.

Estok told the city council last week tractor trailers pose safety concerns in the school zones. Trucks will not be allowed on Washington or Lake Streets, either. Truck route signs will be posted to alert drivers. Continue reading

North Judson Completes Truck Route Signs

The former First Farmers Bank and Trust building on Lane Street in North Judson will soon be the town hall.

The Town of North Judson has now finalized signs specifying where trucks can travel.

Town Council members approved an ordinance earlier this year creating a route that commercial trucking vehicles can travel while within the town limits. The ordinance not only helps prevent traffic issues, but also helps maintain the quality of North Judson’s roads.
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North Judson Truck Route Established

The former First Farmers Bank and Trust building on Lane Street in North Judson will soon be the town hall.
The former First Farmers Bank and Trust building on Lane Street in North Judson will soon be the town hall.

North Judson has solidified the route that commercial trucks can take in the community.

The ordinance specifies the path to enter the community and reach the industrial park through State Road 10 without traveling on residential streets. North Judson has undertaken the effort to help preserve road quality and prevent other traffic impediments.
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North Judson Town Council Tables Truck Route Ordinance

First Farmers Bank and TrustThe North Judson Town Council has decided more research needs to be conducted before regulating truck routes.

The measure was brought up at their last meeting. Under its current language, the ordinance would regulate where commercial truck traffic can drive in the community. Should the ordinance pass, local law enforcement could cite truck driver’s not following the designated routes.
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