Winamac Council Member Proposes Beach, New Programs for Town Park

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

Attracting more visitors to the Winamac Town Park is the goal of several ideas presented to the town’s park board last week. Town Council Member Dave Schambers said he’d seen pictures of a beach that existed decades ago in the park and wondered if that might be a cheaper alternative to building a new swimming pool.

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Winamac Council Repeals Ordinance Holding Landlords Responsible for Water, Electric Bills

The Winamac Town Council has repealed an ordinance holding landlords responsible for utility bills, following a change in state law. In November, the council passed an ordinance allowing water and electric bills at rental properties to be put in the name of the landlord, due to concerns about renters leaving town with unpaid bills. But shortly after that, the state legislature passed House Enrolled Act 1347, which prohibits towns from doing that.

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Public Nuisance Ordinance Adopted for the Town of Winamac

Winamac Town Council members considered an ordinance to regulate public nuisances on private property when they met Monday night.

Members reviewed the ordinance which states that in the interests of protecting public safety, health and welfare as well as for the purpose of enhancing the environment for residents of the town, property owners and occupants are prohibited from allowing an environmental public nuisance to exist.

It lays out relevant definitions utilized throughout the document and sets regulations related to vegetation, grass height, yard debris, refuse and drainage and stormwater management. Continue reading

Ordinance to Regulate Public Nuisances on Private Property Addressed at Winamac Town Council Meeting

The ordinance book for the Town of Winamac has been updated and council members considered a quote for the upgrades submitted by the company American Legal Publishing during their meeting on Monday.

Clerk-Treasurer Melanie Berger said the company updated the book to include ordinances spanning from July 16th, 2016 through December 31st, 2017. The quote provided by American Legal was for $1,985. Members voted unanimously to approve the quote.

Additionally, Winamac’s Town Council members are anticipated to consider an ordinance pertaining to public nuisances on private property in the near future. Continue reading

Winamac Town Council Meets Tonight

Winamac Town Council members are expected to discuss the status of the Local Income Tax (LIT) Issue with the county when they meet tonight at 6 p.m. ET.

The council will also consider a quote for the updated ordinance book and Town Attorney Justin Schramm will discuss arbitrage correspondence. The Jefferson Township fire contract will be up for approval and two ordinances will be considered. Continue reading

Winamac Park Board Considers Insurance Requirements for Sports Leagues

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

Winamac may be getting a new adult softball league, but the idea has led to larger questions about insurance requirements. Park Manager Dave DeLorenzo told the park board last week that he’s heard from someone who’s interested in using the large softball diamond for an over-18, coed league. DeLorenzo was told that almost 60 people have expressed interest.

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Winamac Town Council Discusses Parking Concerns Downtown

Parking issues at a Winamac establishment were addressed when town council members met last Monday.Councilman Alvin Parish asked about addressing an issue with regular vehicles parking in the spots designated for motorcycles and golf carts at a downtown restaurant on Market Street.

Council President Tom Murray said he believed the police should be ticketing the vehicles but said they are currently unable to do so since there isn’t a specific town ordinance prohibiting the parking. Continue reading

Town Attorney Informs Winamac Officials They Will Have to Wait to Re-Certify the Town’s Districts

Winamac Town Council members were alerted about an overlooked law that took effect in 2012 regarding small town primary elections and districts when they met Monday night. Town Attorney Justin Schramm explained that the law requires towns under a population of 3,500 to pass an ordinance recertifying their districts two years after a decennial census is conducted. The last census took place in 2010.

Schramm stated, “Between 2012 and 2017 there had to have been some type of ordinance or resolution recertifying the districts within the Town of Winamac.” Continue reading