Pulaski County Plan Commission to Research Changes to Unified Development Ordinance Tonight

The Pulaski County Advisory Plan Commission will begin working on updates to the county’s Unified Development Ordinance tonight. Concerns about a possible wind farm development have led county officials to consider reviewing the county’s zoning regulations. Pulaski County has recently hired an attorney who specializes in wind energy to help with the process.

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Francesville Council Moves Closer to Establishing Plan Commission, As Wind Turbine Discussions Continue

A wind energy developer discussed its plans for Pulaski County operations with local officials Tuesday. Among those was Francesville Clerk-Treasurer Linda Bennett. “Well, it was a little over two hours,” she says. “There were a lot of questions asked, a lot of answers given. Of course, you don’t know exactly. I mean, you would hope that they are being truthful with you.”

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Pulaski County CDC Touts Workforce Development, Tourism Efforts in Annual Address

As Pulaski County faces challenges related to population loss and its long-term financial health, there are also a lot of great things going on. That’s the message Community Development Commission Executive Director Nathan Origer shared with local government and business leaders during his annual State of the County Economy Address. Continue reading

Pulaski County Commissioners to Meet Tonight

Pulaski County Commissioners: Mike McClure, Jerry Locke, Kenny Becker

The Pulaski County Commissioners will meet in regular session tonight.

Discussions on wind turbines have taken center stage in Pulaski County over the past few weeks. The Pulaski County Plan Commission members and the Pulaski County Board of Zoning Appeals members heard from several citizens last week about their opposition of any large scale wind turbine farms or the placement of super turbines on any land in the county. The Pulaski County Commissioners have the topic on their agenda tonight.

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Pulaski County Commissioners to Get Update on Wind Turbines, Consider Bridge Inspection Contract

Pulaski County Commissioners: Mike McClure, Jerry Locke, Kenny Becker

An update on wind turbines will be given to the Pulaski County Commissioners this morning. In the past several months, a number of filings have been made with the Federal Aviation Administration for possible wind turbines in the Francesville and Star City areas. County Attorney Kevin Tankersley has been looking into writing an ordinance that would regulate them.

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Wind Turbine Proposals Draw Concerns from Pulaski County Residents

The potential construction of wind turbines in Pulaski County is drawing concerns from area residents. In the past several months, a number of filings have been made with the Federal Aviation Administration for possible wind turbines in the Francesville and Star City areas. A complaint about the proposal was brought to the Pulaski County Commissioners last week.

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Marshall County Commissioners Approve Motion Concerning Wind Farms

Although it wasn’t an item on the agenda, the Marshall County Commissioners did approve a motion concerning commercial wind energy farms.

In his report, County Attorney James Clevenger explained to the commissioners that the plan commission reviewed the proposed amendment changes to the ordinance and it came to a vote of 4-4 to approve them. The changes would virtually make it impossible to place a wind turbine farm anywhere in Marshall County.

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Marshall County Commissioners Meet Opposition in WECS Public Hearing


Several dozen people packed the Marshall County Commissioners’ room to hear what would be discussed during the public hearing concerning the amendments proposed for the Wind Energy Conversion System ordinance.

Plan Director Ralph Booker went over the amendments approved by the Marshall County Plan Commission which include the placement of wind turbines throughout the county. A distance of 2,640 feet was approved from any parcels zoned L-1 and T-1, which are lakes and town residential areas and a wind turbine can be placed 2,640 feet from a house of a non-participating landowner, park, bank of a river, church building, school, wetlands or airstrips.

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West Central Wind Turbine to be Operational March 1st

The West Central School Board received an update on the wind turbine project at their meeting last week.

“We’re still looking at March 1st being our deadline for this,” said Superintendent Charles Mellon. “We will be meeting Tuesday (today), to discuss another update as far as how the project is proceeding. We have seen the utility companies on campus and in the substation here in Francesville so we know that work is being done. We have our fingers crossed that March 1st will be our date.”

West Central Moves Ahead With Wind Turbine Project

The West Central School Board has voted to move forward with a form of contract with Performance Services for the wind turbine project.  The Board also gave authority to Umbaugh and Associates to proceed with issuing the requests for proposals for the bonds for the wind turbine project from underwriter institutions and local banks.  That should be done by July 10th and the equipment should be ordered.

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West Central Continues to Move Forward with Wind Turbine Project

The West Central Technical Review Committee met prior to the School Board’s work session Thursday to review the wind turbine construction proposal, as well as the price proposal presented by Performance Services.

The West Central School Board is looking to erect one wind turbine on the FFA plot on the school grounds. One turbine will power the entire school and there would be some power left over to sell.

No commitment has been make at this time. Further information is needed from Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) before any contractual agreement can be reached. If an affirmative agreement can be reached in March, it is very possible that the wind turbine can be in operation in November of 2011.