Starke County Fireworks Event Showcases Local Organizations

Members of the Starke County Amateur Radio Club: Janet Langer, Jolene Brown and Tony Langer

The Fireworks presentation at the Starke County Airport went off without a hitch Saturday night. It was a hot day to start off with, but a rain shower came through the area late in the afternoon and it cooled off nicely for the fireworks show at dusk.

Several representatives of organizations showed up early in the afternoon to present some information on their programs.

“Our club is a group of residents from Starke County from 13 years old to 73 years old,” explained Tony Langer, President of the Starke County Amateur Radio Club. “We’ve been involved in HAM radio here in Starke County since 1976. In the last couple of years, we’ve been getting involved with Starke County EMA and working with Ted Bombaghetti. We have 35 members in the club.”

Langer said HAM radios are used for recreation and they are active in government issues.

“These radios are kind of a fancy CB radio. You have to be licensed to operate them. Since 9/11, HAM radios have been helping a lot of governmental agencies. When all else fails, I guess there’s HAM radio.”

This was one of the many planes on display and flown during Saturday's event

Those who attended the fireworks show also had a chance to see model airplanes being flown around the airport.

“We’re the Northern Indiana Modelers Association,” said Rodney Peters of his organization. “We fly out at KOP, the Kingsbury Industrial Development area. We have a place out there and we also fly indoors at a church in LaPorte. The Mayor invited us here to do a demonstration flying and have everyone get some exposure to it and promote our activities and our clubs.”

Other non-profit organizations were on hand to sell food and other items.