Starke Commissioners Accept Property Assessment Bid

The Starke County Commissioners last week accepted a bid for a company to perform the property assessments for the county. Assessor Rhonda Milner approached the commissioners with two four bids for the work and her recommendation, but she said two of the bids needed thrown out because they did not follow the requirements and specs of the bid. Also, one company is under litigation for unsatisfactory work.

Milner said the two remaining bids, one from Tyler Technologies and the other from Accurate Assessments, are acceptable and recommended the commissioners approve the bid from Accurate Assessments, despite the company being the highest bidder. Milner said the bid came in at $69,660 per year for two years.

Commissioner Jennifer Davis moved to accept the recommendation and the motion was approved unanimously.

County Attorney Martin Lucas told the commissioners that he would like them to remove a section of the contract that he said was erroneous and “rogue,” because it did not pertain to the contract. He explained it was likely part of a former contract that had been intended for removal but was not actually removed.

The Department of Local Government Finance must still sign the contract before it is official.