Starke County Commissioners Discuss Pay Deductions for Delinquent Taxes


Employees of Starke County that are behind on their property taxes may soon find themselves getting a smaller check, after the county commissioners this week discussed the possibility of deducting pay from employees who have delinquent taxes. Treasurer Kasey Clark told the commissioners that some employees are behind on their taxes and they need to pay up.

The commissioners discussed the idea of deducting the delinquent taxes from paychecks, taking 10 percent of employees’ pay for first-time offenders and 25 percent for multiple offenders until the balance has been reached. Commissioner Jennifer Davis, however, disagreed with the idea of deducting pay.

County attorney Martin Lucas told the commissioners and Clark that they would need to draft a written policy that states pay will be deducted in the case of delinquent property taxes, but no official motion was made.