Remodeling Work Coming to a Close at Knox Library

Henry F. Schricker Library
Henry F. Schricker Library

The staff at the Henry F. Schricker Public Library in Knox are completing work since the new children’s wing was recently opened.

Library Director Sheila Urwiler said they are moving some shelving and installing some new furniture. Every attempt is being made to tie up loose ends in the project.

The construction of the new children’s wing began in 2012 and finished late last year. The $1.785 million project added 4000 square feet to the northwest part of the building to allow for a new children’s wing with more controlled access and better sound protection. The added space has also provided more room for computers and set aside a young adult section.

Finishing touches are being made now to the area and to other places inside the facility.

Urwiler said patrons are pleased with the project and have given positive comments on the work.