Starke County Council Anticipates Flat Budgets

starke-county-courthouseThe Starke County Council wants department heads to keep their budgets for the upcoming year in line with current spending levels. President Dave Pearman has told them to cut where they can.

“Definitely don’t bring us anything that’s an increase. It can’t be tolerated unless there’s a special circumstance. In that case we’ll meet with whomever wants to meet with us,” he says.

Pearman adds the budget process should be pretty straightforward this year. He credits the department heads with doing a better job of keeping spending under control. Pearman also notes the council seldom has to transfer funds, and when it’s necessary to do so they are for minor things. He notes the county cannot ask the state to approve a budget greater than its tax levy. Right now county spending at that threshold. As for employee compensation, Pearman says the council will try to give pay raises if possible. However, Pearman says it’s too soon to promise anything.