Starke County Sheriff Still Raising Money for K9

Starke County Sheriff's Department BadgeStarke County Sheriff Bill Dulin is still collecting donations to add a second drug and search dog to the force. The dog and training for its handler will cost about $16,000. Dulin says the sheriff’s office is about $3,000 short of that goal. Fundraisers will be scheduled later this summer. Meanwhile, cash donations or money orders made out to “Starke County K9 Fund” can be dropped off at the jail. Personal checks will not be accepted. All contributions are tax deductible.

Dulin previously told the commissioners he will only purchase a dog if enough money can be raised privately to do so. The second K9 officer would work the night shift to ensure the availability of a dog around the clock. Money will also go toward veterinary expenses, food and equipment for the county’s existing dog.