Starke County Burns Through Weather Radio Supply, Working to Secure More


Starke County is fresh out of all-hazard emergency weather radios, and it took less than one week.

The program was being offered through the county’s Emergency Management Agency department with the aid of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security as a way to target at-risk populations that may find themselves in need of emergency information.

Information provided by the EMA offices indicates that the radios are able to pick-up over 60 different types of emergency alerts. That includes messages from the National Weather Service.

In neighboring counties the weather radios were being offered to individuals in homes without a basement, the elderly, and those with special needs.

In Starke County, EMA Director Jacob Lippner says he is working to secure additional supplies of the weather radios considering the public’s demand for them. It may take some time to secure additional products through the state.

Lippner says his offices will alert the public when more supplies are available through the emergency information system known as NIXLE. The program allows a user to enter their telephone information and receive text messages containing important emergency information on road conditions, police activity, and weather.