Two Arrested Following Near Overdose Incident Near North Judson

Starke County Sheriff's Department BadgeStarke County is releasing information about an overdose incident that occurred near North Judson late last week.

Officers were called to a residence on U Road East on March 17th near North Judson to a report of a woman that was described as being unresponsive. According to information provided by the Sheriff’s Department, several people were spotted carrying the victim inside the residence that afternoon.

EMS personnel arrived on scene and administered Narcan. The drug is designed to block the effects of opioids on the body, essentially reversing a possible overdose. The woman was taken to IU Health Starke Hospital in Knox for additional treatment.

An investigation was conducted into the incident by the Sheriff’s Department. 38-year-olds Kevin Reading and Stephen Lorencz were taken into custody in connection with the incident. Both are facing preliminary charges of Criminal Recklessness.