Ted Hayes and Harold Welter to Talk about Their Broadcasting Days on ‘Ted Hayes Remembers’ Program

Ted Hayes and Harold Welter


On “Ted Hayes Remembers” today, Ted will be joined by a man who he has worked with for 43 years. They began together in Rensselaer, worked two years there, then Ted went to Peoria, Illinois, and Harold to LaPorte.

When WKVI was granted a permit, Harold turned to Ted as his first hire. Ted was the morning man (Three for the Road was the name of the show) and Harold, who was also the manager, read the news across from him.

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Friday Night Mixed League 03/04/11

Friday Night Mixed League 03/04/11
Team Standings:
1. 4-Alarm Fire 67.0-41.0
2. Alley Aces 65.5-42.5
3. Rollin’ Thunder 63.0-45.0
4. Dolezal Family 57.5-50.5
5. Good Friends 56.0-52.0
6. Mariah’s Hill 55.5-52.5
7. Undecided 53.5-54.5
8. Raiders 53.0-55.0
9. Hard Times 50.0-58.0
10. Feel the Power 48.5-59.5
11. Baugh Construction 45.5-62.5
12. O’s Tap 33.0-75.0
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Tuesday Night Men’s League 03/01/11

Tuesday Night Men’s League 03/01/11
Team Standings:
1. Quarter’s 123.0-38.0
2. Konrad Cabinets 101.0-60.0
3. Hensleys 89.0-72.0
4. 1st Choice Pawn 87.0-74.0
5. WKVI 85.0-76.0
6. Marks Body Shop 84.0-77.0
7. Bowlaway Lanes 81.0-80.0
8. Sandbar 72.0-89.0
9. Time Out 69.0-92.0
10. Half Track 63.0-98.0
11. Simonis 58.0-103.0
12. Fishers 54.0-107.0
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Sunday Morning Mixed League 02/20/11

Sunday Morning Mixed League 02/20/11
Team Standings:
1. The Unknown 111.0-36.0
2. WRJN 91.0-63.0
3. The Quest 85.0-69.0
4. Split Heads 79.0-75.0
5. The Smelly Cats 75.0-79.0
6. Strange Brew 73.0-81.0
7. Lucky #7 68.0-86.0
8. Odd Balls 66.0-88.0
9. Snowdon’s Lawncare 63.0-91.0
10. S*** Happens 59.0-95.0
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Plymouth Man Arrested on Burglary Charges

A suspect in a burglary at People’s Drug Store in Plymouth has been apprehended.

Plymouth Police Department officers report that Adam Lolmaugh, 32, of Plymouth, was arrested Wednesday after police received information that he was the one responsible for the burglary. The incident happened on February 16th.

Lolmaugh was at his home when police took him into custody. Police interviewed Lolmaugh and he confessed to the burglary. He was then booked in the Marshall County Jail on one count of Burglary.

Starke County Courthouse Elevator to be Repaired

Starke County Courthouse

The Starke County Courthouse elevator is scheduled for repairs. Courthouse Custodian, Carl Goodrich, talked with the Commissioners this week about this relic. Goodrich was asked exactly what’s wrong with the elevator.

“Basically, the hydraulic system is leaking and it needs to be replaced,” replied Goodrich. “It was put in in 1956 and it needs to be reworked. We’re going to modernize it and bring it up to code. The elevator car itself is going to be there but they’re going to repair the hydraulic systems and everything that goes with the unit.”

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Knox City Council to Gather Bids for New Sign at Community Center

Knox City Council #2
Back Row: Mayor Rick Chambers, Ed Blue, Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston, Greg Matt and Attorney David Matsey. Front Row: Linda Berndt, Jeff Berg and Ron Parker

Knox City Councilman Greg Matt described the electronic sign at the Knox Community Center as a dead horse. Matt told his fellow councilmen that he had a conversation with a representative of Vanadco Signs about the condition of the unit and came away convinced that it can’t be repaired.

The sign is occasionally on, but the right message isn’t displayed and other times it’s off for no reason. A new sign with enhanced graphics, featuring 64,000 color combinations, has been priced at $14,400 for the city. This would include training for office staff who could program it from City Hall.

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Indiana Democrats Remain in Illnois

State Representative Nancy Dembowski

Saying they’re not being “spoiled sports” the Indiana House Democrats are still in Urbana, Illinois asking their Republican counterparts to negotiate on some of the bills they feel strongly about. 17th District State Representative Nancy Dembowski (D-Knox) said yesterday that by staying away, the Democrats hope to slow the process down and to give the public a chance to look into some of these bills. Dembowski said she didn’t think the Republicans ran on some of the agenda items they are trying to pass.

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WKVI to Host Blood Drive Friday

WKVI's Ted Hayes gives blood during a blood drive last year for the American Red Cross

WKVI will be hosting a blood drive tomorrow, March 11th.

March is Red Cross Month so it’s the perfect time to give blood.

The blood drive will be from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. CT on Friday, March 11th here at the WKVI Studios. The Red Cross staff will be in the Bloodmobile in our parking lot awaiting your important blood donation.

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Applications Available for Grants from Starke United

Starke United

Non-profit organizations have an opportunity to apply for grant money from Starke United.

A total of fourteen organizations received grants last year from $20,000 in available funds. Applications can be found on the Starke United website, or you may pick one up at the office at 52 W. Lake Street in Knox. Applications must be returned to Starke United no later than March 28th, 2011.

For more information, contact Executive Director, Julie Dessauer, at (574) 772-7506.

Knox Middle School Students to Job Shadow Friday

Chris Ross

115 Knox 7th grade students will be job shadowing Friday.

Middle School Guidance Counselor, Chris Ross, explains what kind of jobs the students will be learning about tomorrow.

“Health care jobs from Starke County, the Plymouth hospital, Winamac hospital, Starke County Library, several educational institutions, several local schools – Plymouth, Walkerton, North Judson, and our high school as well as the Elementary, and several vet clinics,” Ross said. “We have a really good mix of jobs being shadowed this year.”

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Ancilla to Host Book Signing for Rev. Dr. Sam Boys

Ancilla College will host a book signing on Monday, March 14th with author Dr. Rev. Sam Boys, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Ancilla.

The signing – held in Room 231 at 6:00 p.m. EST – will promote the release of his book, entitled “An Ancient Sound for the Present Moment” and is a free event open to the public.

The book explores the health benefits of breath and sound and how playing the didgeridoo can help clear the mind and relax the body.

Boys will also share methods of relaxation with those in attendance, including the use of breathing techniques to help relieve stress and facilitate wellness.

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‘Ted Hayes Remembers’ Program to Feature Broadcast Buddies

Ted Hayes and Harold Welter

When two young men begin careers together they don’t always look down the road thinking they’ll work with each other almost a half century. This week’s Ted Hayes Remembers program will feature “Broadcast Buddies”, Ted Hayes and Harold Welter.

Ted and Harold have worked together at two stations over 43 years. This week they’ll remember some of their radio highlights.

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KIRPC to Manage Star City Sewer Project Grant

Pulaski County Commissioners Tracey Shorter, Kenneth Boswell, Michael Tiede

A grant in the amount of $587,253 is to be received by Pulaski County to assist in funding the construction of the Star City sewer project, a new sanitary sewer system for the unincorporated community. This project, which is funded by the federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), is to come from CDBG funds that were made available for economic recovery after many areas were damaged by natural disasters in 2008.

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Lisa Owens Appears on ‘Breaking Down the Bars’ Program on OWN

Lisa Owens

America got its first look at Lisa Owens behind bars Tuesday night on the new Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).  Owens was filmed on location at the Rockville Correctional Facility as part of a series entitled “Breaking Down the Bars”.

The episode reviewed the crime that led to her incarceration at Rockville which was the shooting of her husband, Jeff, in their Knox home.  For that crime, she was sentenced to 40 years behind bars, but she is being given an early release after serving just ten years.

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Knox Community School Board President Discusses Collective Bargaining

Harold Welter

House Bill 575 is one of the bills being heard in this year’s legislative session and it pertains to collective bargaining for teachers.  In this bill, teachers would be prohibited from bargaining over anything but salaries and a few basic benefits. Bargaining would last 60 days before going to arbitration. The arbitrator would have the final word. Knox Community School Board President, Harold Welter, was asked to talk about collective bargaining at the Knox Community School Corporation.

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