Knox Planning Commission Discusses Accessory Buildings and Temporary Structures

The Knox Planning Commission continued their discussion over the definition of accessory buildings when they met last week.

Plan Commission Attorney Martin Bedrock was absent from the meeting where members initially discussed accessory buildings and other storage structures. He asked them to recap their progress so far during last Tuesday’s meeting.

They shared that they’ve been distinguishing the difference between temporary and permanent structures. Continue reading

Knox Plan Commission Meeting Includes Heated Conversation Over Project Concerns, Results in Verbal Resignation

The Knox Plan Commission met last night to hold a public hearing and discussion over a subdivision of property for the purpose of developing a Dollar General Store in the area at the request of Mark Matthew.

The commissioners ultimately approved the subdivision but prior to and following the decision, the meeting continuously erupted into conversations over site planning and safety concerns, resulting in one commissioner submitting verbal resignation and leaving the meeting prior to adjournment.

Commission president Jeff Berg began by running over the purpose and protocol of the meeting and hearing, saying that Mr. Matthew was seeking permission to divide a lot at the corner of U.S 35 and County Road 200 S. Planning Administrator Kenny Pfost added that a notification of the hearing was publicized and all neighbors within a 500 foot radius of the project were sent letters about the plans. Continue reading

Grovertown Structure Still a Court Issue; Hearing Set For Sept. 17

 A structure in rural Grovertown is still a heated issue, as Walter and Julia Ford have been ordered to appear in Pulaski Superior Court in Winamac to argue why they should not be held in contempt of court for not removing a structure that they had been ordered to remove before June 1. Back in May, the Starke County Board of Zoning Appeals voted to uphold a ruling made by Special Judge Patrick Blankenship that required Julia Ford to tear down a building that has been the subject of public scrutiny and a lawsuit. They extended the deadline date from June 1 to June 15 and adjourned the meeting.

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