State Democrats to Pay Fine

State Representative Nancy Dembowski

They went to Urbana, Illinois and now they are paying the price. In the most recent legislative session, Democrat Minority Leader, B. Patrick Bauer, of South Bend, led his fellow Democrats out of the state to, as he said, work on legislative bills that mattered to working people. The Republicans viewed it as a stall tactic to defeat bills offered by Governor Daniels and the Republican majority.

House Speaker, Brian Bosma, finally resorted to imposing a fine for every day the Democrats failed to appear in their house seats. 17th District State Representative Nancy Dembowski (D-Knox) was one of the members that followed the Democrat delegation to Urbana.

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State Representative Robert Behning Discusses Standoff Situation

Indiana Statehouse

While the Democrats are in Urbana, Illinois, Ted Hayes took the opportunity to talk with Representative Robert Behning at the Statehouse Wednesday afternoon. Behning has been a Republican member of the House since the mid 1990’s representing an Indianapolis District.

Ted led off with a question about what the representatives left behind have been doing.

“Obviously we’ve been coming in everyday, just like we hoped our Democrat colleagues would and we’ve been trying to get a quorum established and we haven’t been successful in doing that. We have been doing a number of things behind the scenes, trying to educate ourselves better on some of the bills that are in front of us and some of the bills that are coming over from the Senate.”

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17th District State Representative Receives Committee Assignments

State Representative Nancy Denbowski

17th District State Representative, Nancy Dembowski (D-Knox), has received her committee assignments for the 2011 and 2012 sessions of the Indiana General Assembly. House Democratic Leader, B. Patrick Bauer (D-South Bend) recommended Dembowski for the following committees: Local Government, Commerce, Small Business and Economic Development, and Natural Resources. In addition, Dembowski will be the ranking Democrat on the Roads and Transportation Committee.

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