Pulaski County Commissioners to Hear from ‘Save the Courthouse’ Representative Tonight

The Pulaski County Commissioners will hear from a representative of the Save the Courthouse group tonight. The group formed after county officials unveiled a proposal last month to demolish the county’s 123-year-old courthouse and replace it with an addition to the Justice Center. At the time, Maintenance Director Jeff Johnston said the plan would address security and accessibility concerns, as well as a number of other issues, at about a third of the cost of renovating and expanding the existing courthouse.

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Pulaski County EMS Director to Step Down Friday, Interim Director Appointed

Pulaski County EMS Director Bryan Corn made his resignation official during Monday’s county commissioners meeting. “I did send you guys a letter,” he explained. “I’ll go ahead, and we’ll make it public. We’ll make it official. I will be resigning my position as the EMS director. That will be effective this coming Friday, December 7.”

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Refurbished Pulaski County Ambulance Totaled


The Pulaski County EMS staff members are looking for a new ambulance as the refurbished ambulance can not be certified.

The ambulance was damaged in a fire at Wagner Performance Diesel Repair near Star City on Feb. 7. In the last meeting of the Pulaski County Commissioners, it was reported by the county’s insurance agency that Wagner’s insurance company has accepted responsibility for the fire.

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