State Officials Issue Guidance for Places of Worship during COVID-19 Pandemic

On a weekend when many would normally be heading to church and visiting family, state officials are urging Hoosiers to adjust their plans from previous years. Governor Eric Holcomb suggests that the best way religious groups can continue safely serving their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic is to close their physical locations and offer livestreams or virtual services.

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Governor Praises Farmers for their Generosity during COVID-19 Pandemic

Hoosier farmers are getting praise from the governor for their generosity during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Our agriculture sector has long been our state’s original calling card, for over 200 years, since we were forging our way out of the forest,” Governor Eric Holcomb said during Tuesday’s COVID-19 press conference. “And still to this day, they are stepping forward and having an impact on the most vulnerable, making sure that our communities are all stitched together and every mouth that’s in need is being cared to.”

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Pulaski County Commissioners Declare Public Health Emergency

Screenshot from commissioners meeting video stream on Pulaski County, Indiana, Government Facebook page

Pulaski County has declared a public health emergency. A resolution declaring the emergency was approved by the county commissioners Monday. Community Development Commission Executive Director Nathan Origer explained that it will make Pulaski County eligible for federal reimbursement for certain COVID-19-related expenses.

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