Coroner’s Office Fees Approved by Pulaski County Commissioners

Cremation will soon require a $25 disposition permit in Pulaski County. The county commissioners Monday adopted a pair of fee-related ordinances recommended by the Coroner’s Office. One of them creates a formal system of releasing bodies for cremation, according to Coroner John Behny. “Any time someone would be cremated, they would contact us and we would authorize, and they would send the money to the Auditor’s Office,” he explained.

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Coroner’s Office Fees Considered by Pulaski County Council, Commissioners

The Pulaski County Coroner’s Office continues to explore the possibility of charging for copies of certain reports. Coroner John Behny and Chief Deputy Jon Frain presented a few fee collection options to the county council and commissioners last week. “We’re talking about the autopsy report, the toxicology report, the coroner’s summary, or the coroner’s verdict,” Frain explained. Continue reading

North Judson Town Council Considers Request From Building Inspector

North Judson Building Inspector Jeff Abrams appeared before the town council requesting to establish a permit for gas line inspections when members met Monday.

“When there is a house vacated and the gas has been shut off, Nipsco wants an inspection done so I think that we should be able to charge for that because I have to go out and look at it.” He explained, “They have to do a pressure test it and it has to hold pressure for a day.” Continue reading

Culver Looks to Revamp Fees, Gain Additional Information on Flouride

culver town hall

An item tabled for several weeks will come back for additional comments during tonight’s Culver Town Council meeting.

Prior to the regularly scheduled meeting at 6:30 EDT, the Town Council will hold a work session to discuss changes to its permitting process. The fees being charged were requested to be changed due to Culver reliance on Marshall County for certain inspections.

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