Ken Singleton Sentenced in Starke Circuit Court

Ken Singleton

Having previously plead guilty to two counts of Sexual Misconduct with a Minor as a Class B Felony and Incest as a Class B Felony, 39-year-old Ken Singleton appeared before Judge Kim Hall in the Starke Circuit Court on Thursday to be sentenced. The victim of the sexual abuse was not present to make a statement but a victim impact letter she had written was read aloud in court.

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Joseph Giselbach Sentenced in Starke Circuit Court

Joseph Giselbach

Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall sentenced Joseph Giselbach to 10 years in the Indiana Department of Corrections, with no part of the sentence suspended, on a charge of Dealing in Methamphetamine, a Class B Felony and Possession of Methamphetamine, a Class D Felony.

Giselbach, 32, of Knox, plead guilty to the charges. Judge Hall will recommend to the Department of Corrections that Giselbach be placed into an intensive methamphetamine treatment program while in prison. If he successfully completes the program, he may petition to have his sentence modified.

Week in Review December 27th-31st, 2010

Here are a few of the stories that made the news in the Kankakee Valley this week:

Megan Smithson, 19, of Illinois, died in an auto accident Sunday afternoon at the intersection of State Road 10 and State Road 35 in Starke County. Police say she pulled out onto US 35 and into the path of a vehicle driven by Tony Wagner of Winamac.

We heard from three of the four Starke County Councilmen who attended their last meeting December 20th. Chuck Estok, Bill Dulin, and Bruce Fingerhut (pictured right) said that they enjoyed working with the people of Starke County.

Gerald L. Broude, Jr. was sentenced in Starke Circuit Court, Tuesday. Judge Kim Hall sentenced him to 50 years in the Indiana Department of Corrections. A jury had found him Guilty on four counts of Child Molestation on December 1st.

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State Senator Ed Charbonneau Discusses Criminal Sentencing Procedures

State Senator Ed Charbonneau

Editors note: Recently the Pew Center on the States and the Council of State Government Justice Center released a report on Indiana’s criminal sentencing procedures. WKVI’s Ted Hayes had an opportunity to interview the ranking member of the Senate’s Appropriation Committee this week, and what follows are Fifth District Senator Ed Charbonneau thoughts on the subject:

“One of the challenges of my position is being responsible on the senate side for the school funding formula. I’ve been sitting in on all budget committee hearings recently. These meetings give a preliminary view of what the recommendations, or requests are going to be for the next budget cycle. The Department of Corrections was one of the departments that came to those meetings. Some pretty stunning numbers came from those presenting the DOC’s needs.”

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Gerald Broude, Jr. Sentenced to 50 years

Gerald Broude
Gerald Broude

Gerald L. Broude, Jr. was sentenced in Starke Circuit Court Tuesday morning. Judge Kim Hall sentenced Broude, Jr. to 50 years in the Indiana Department of Corrections. He was given 50 years on each of the three Class A Felony counts of Child Molestation, and eight years on one count of Child Molestation, a Class C Felony. The sentences will run concurrently for a total of 50 years.

The mother of the victim gave a victim impact statement this morning and Broude, Jr. maintained his innocence in his statement to the Court. Judge Hall found his actions to have a severe impact on the victim and the family and classified him as a sexually violent predator.

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Starke Circuit Court Judge Sentences Shawn Centers, Dana Boyd

Starke Circuit Court Judge, Kim Hall, recently sentenced two offenders to the Indiana Department of Corrections.

Shawn Centers

Shawn Centers, 35, of Knox, plead guilty to a charge of Dealing in Methamphetamine, a Class B Felony. In August, police executed a search warrant on a shed at 508 S. Shield St. where they recovered several items used to manufacture methamphetamine. Judge Hall sentenced Centers to 12 years in the Indiana Department of Corrections. None of the sentence was suspended. The Judge recommended that Centers be placed into the DOC’s treatment program for methamphetamine.

Dana Boyd

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