Updates at Norwayne Field Discussed During North Judson Town Council Meeting

Big changes are happening at Norwayne Field in North Judson.

At last night’s town council meeting Park Board representative Nick Radke informed members that the band shell has been fully assembled. He added that additional lighting and stonework is pending. He also thanked Town Superintendent Marshall Horstmann and members of the utility department for all their assistance with the assembly.

Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe stated that once the remainder of the work is finished, an event will be held with community members and local officials to commemorate its completion.

In other news, Schambers Masonry completed the repair work that needed to be done to the brick wall that runs along highway 10. Continue reading

North Judson Town Superintendent Addresses New State Board of Accounts Requirement

Town Superintendent Marshall Horstmann touched on a few different topics during his report at the North Judson Town Council meeting Monday Night.

He alerted council members that leaf and brush pick-up has officially concluded for this year and will resume in the spring.

Additionally, in Superintendent Horstmann’s report, members were told that the State Board of Accounts is requiring that the town take measures to better secure the modem tower located in Town Hall. Continue reading

Leaf Pick-Up Extension Suggested at North Judson Town Council Meeting

As usual, North Judson Town Superintendent Marshall Horstmann addressed the town council members when they held their first November meeting Monday night.

In his report, he proposed that the last date for leaf and brush pick-up be November 30th. However, Council member John Rowe mentioned that could pose a problem, seeing as many trees haven’t dropped all their leaves quite yet. Continue reading

North Judson Town Superintendent Announces Community Crossings Grant Funds

The Town Superintendent of North Judson, Marshall Horstmann, told council members the amount of money that was received through the INDOT Community Crossings Grant when they met last week.

Horstmann said the Town of North Judson was awarded $125,094.75 to go toward paving for next year. He alerted the council members that a certain rule surrounding the grant funding has changed.

“Now the way they do it is you have to pay for the paving and then you have to turn in a receipt to INDOT. Then they’ll reimburse you.” Horstmann went on, explaining the reason for the switch, “They’ve had issues in the past where towns have gotten the money but then they didn’t do the paving.”

Horstmann told council members he is meeting with INDOT representatives on October 16th to go into more detail about project specifics.

North Judson Town Superintendent Report Addresses Manhole Issues

Town Superintendent Marshall Horstmann has recently been checking the condition of various manholes around the Town of North Judson. He told council members Monday evening that he has discovered six manholes that need to be relined in order prevent deterioration beyond repair.

If unaddressed, Horstmann said the deteriorating manholes could lead to sinkholes in those areas. Continue reading

North Judson Town Board Tentatively Approves Purchase of Cemetery Signs

The cemetery in North Judson will soon be sporting a new rules and regulations sign, as the North Judson Town Board this week approved a purchase order for a quote receive on the purchase of two signs. Town Superintendent Marshall Horstmann presented the purchase orders from Gary Clark on the cost of two signs, which came to $1200 and includes two 4-foot-by-8-foot aluminum signs for the main entrance and a 4-foot-by-4-foot aluminum sign for the secondary entrance.

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North Judson Town Board Swears In Two New Members

Newly installed North Judson Town Board members Josh Brown and Justin Davis

The North Judson Town Board swore in their two new members, Josh Brown and Justin Davis, who are now filling the seats created during the general election. A public question presented to voters in North Judson on Nov. 6 asked whether or not the town board should be expanded to five members, and the overwhelming majority gave it their approval. Now, the two youngest board members are taking their seats on the newly-expanded board.

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North Judson Working To Comply With ADA Requirements

Doug Vessely
North Judson Town Marshal Doug Vessely

North Judson Town Marshal Doug Vessely was recently appointed as the town’s coordinator for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry explained that the town must now review their municipal buildings and sidewalks to ensure they are ADA-compliant, because if they aren’t, the town will be unable to receive federal grants.

Henry explained that the town will be required to draft a plan to become compliant with ADA requirements, and then they will have to implement that plan as soon as possible. The deadline for a plan to be developed and submitted is Dec. 31, and any municipality that does not have their ADA plan implemented soon thereafter will be disqualified from receiving federal funds. As ADA coordinator, Vessely will work closely with Town Superintendent Marshall Horstmann to ensure they meet the requirements.

Horstmann is also staying busy, having scheduled a water tower inspection for both towers this month. Both the tower on the west side of North Judson and the tower downtown will be inspected Sept. 19.