Winamac Park Board Considers Replacing Dead Ash Trees

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

After years of removing dying ash trees from the Winamac Town Park, park officials are now beginning to look into replacing them.

Park Manager Dave DeLorenzo brought the issue to the park board Thursday.

He estimated that 90 to 95 trees have been lost to the emerald ash borer, although there are some that remain. He asked the park board about working with the Tree Committee to gradually plant a variety of new trees over the next few years.

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Starke County Historical Society Museum Closes for Repairs

Starke County Museum Christmas Tree
Starke County Museum Christmas Tree

The Starke County Historical Museum will be closed today through January 31st, for maintenance and repair.

Also, when you drive by the museum, you are urged to admire the Memorial Tree donated by Hensler’s Nursery. A record number of memorial bows and names have been attached this year. Toni Snearly, Historical Society volunteer, said that 285 bows have been placed on the tree at 401 South Main St., in Knox.