North Judson City Council Approves Town Hall Pest Treatment

North Judson Town Hall - FFBT BuildingThe North Judson City Council met Monday evening for their regularly scheduled meeting. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry presented a $225 quote for pest control services during their last meeting and after some deliberation during their latest meeting the The Council approved the treatment of town hall by Combs Pest Control, so they will be using florence sc pest control to get rid of the problem. Continue reading

North Judson Town Council Makes Move to Protect Wastewater Equipment

North Judson Water TowerEfforts are being made to save wear and tear on wastewater equipment as North Judson residents continue to flush unnecessary items into the sewer system.

Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry told WKVI News that the town council approved the purchase of five baskets totalling $1,700 that will capture large items in the sewer system. The wastewater crews continue to find shirts, sleeves, underwear, and other items not suitable for flushing down the toilet in the sewer pumps. As a result, the pumps are damaged and it’s quite an expense to replace those pumps.

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North Judson Schedules Brush Pickup

North Judson Water TowerNorth Judson residents can put any brush they would like to have hauled off by the town alongside their alleys for pickup starting Monday. If the home doesn’t have an alley, brush can be placed along the curb. Either way, clerk-treasurer Donna Henry says it needs to be in place by 7 a.m. Monday to ensure pickup, as crews will only make one pass through town. She adds this pickup is for brush only, as leaves will be collected again this fall.

North Judson Town Council Sets Up Revolving Loan Fund

The North Judson Town Council has set up a revolving loan fund to help facilitate the sale of Ray's Super Foods to a grocery store chain.
The North Judson Town Council has set up a revolving loan fund to help facilitate the sale of Ray’s Super Foods to a grocery store chain.

North Judson will still have a grocery store thanks to quick action by the town council. Heartland Markets has signed a letter of intent to buy Ray’s Super Foods on Lane Street. Company officials also asked the town if they could offer any incentives. North Judson Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry recently spoke with representatives from the State Board of Accounts, who suggested they could set up a revolving loan fund for economic development projects. Continue reading

Open House Planned Tomorrow for North Judson Maintenance Building

The new maintenance building in North Judson is located just west of downtown on Railroad Street.
The new maintenance building in North Judson is located just west of downtown on Railroad Street.

The public is invited to tour the new North Judson Town Maintenance Building. An open house is scheduled tomorrow afternoon from 4:30 until 6 p.m. The new building is located at 710 Railroad Street on the west side of town. It features a three-bay garage and will replace the dilapidated structure located near the town park on George Street. North Judson Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry says light refreshments will be served at tomorrow evening’s open house.


North Judson Adding Lots to Highland Cemetery

North Judson Water TowerThe North Judson Town Board plans to add three additional rows of grave sites to Highland Cemetery. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry tells WKVI news that there is room to do so on the far east side of the existing property. Board members voted Monday night to proceed with surveying and plotting the land. Henry says the expansion will add between 100 and 115 grave sites. They will be available within the next few months. Contact the North Judson Clerk’s Office at 574-896-3340 for more information.



North Judson Town Board Adopts Social Media Policy

North Judson Water TowerThe Town of North Judson now has a social networking policy on the books for its employees. It applies to all full and part-time workers, elected officials and any other person or persons or department in close association with the town. Board members adopted the policy when they met Monday night. It recognizes that people may use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites and reminds them that their postings may have an adverse effect on the town or themselves. Employees are urged to monitor content in which they are tagged and only post work-related information with permission. The policy does allow the clerk-treasurer to post information about upcoming town events or needs on social media sites with approval from the council. To read the policy, click here  SOCIAL NETWORKING POLICY-05-19-2014. Continue reading

North Judson Town Council Finalizing Social Media Policy

North Judson Water TowerThe North Judson Town Council is expected to vote on a social media policy for employees when they meet on Monday, May 19. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry tells WKVI News it’s a new addition to the employee handbook. Councilman Tim Cummins has been working to revise and update it. The changes are mostly clarifications of things like how vacation time is earned. Once the policy is adopted, the handbook will be reprinted and given to town employees.

The council is also revising the contractors permit ordinance, with a first reading set for their mid-month meeting. They also acknowledged the park board’s recent hiring of Bill Hemphill as the seasonal caretaker for the town park. Town council members also set Aug. 9 as the date for this year’s town-wide yard sale. Henry says more information about permits and other requirements will be provided closer to that date. The exterior of the new maintenance building is finished, and the interior should be complete by the end of the month.

North Judson Police Investigating Speed Bump Theft


A portable speed bump used by the Town of North Judson to slow traffic near the little league field on Weninger Street was stolen sometime over the weekend. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry says the town marshal’s office is investigating the theft. Each spring town officials place one near the park and another one on Ufkes Drive near the soccer field. Even though they are portable, they still have to be anchored into the pavement. Henry says the town got a quote of $675 to replace the speed bump. Anyone with information about the theft is asked to call 574-772-5914.