North Judson-San Pierre Principals Cover School Improvement Plans

When the North Judson San-Pierre School Board met last Tuesday, members heard school improvement plan presentations from both school principals

Both Elementary School Principal Julie Berndt and Middle/High School Principal Jim Polite emphasized creating curriculums that are driven by test results, specifically, scores from the Northwest Evaluation Association test or NWEA. Continue reading

NJSP Elementary School Principal Speaks Highly of Successful Attendance Initiatives

At Tuesday night’s North Judson-San Pierre School Board meeting, Elementary School Principal Julie Berndt informed school board members about a few initiatives that are positively impacting the attendance records of her students.

Principal Berndt talked about the “Attendance Champions” program where each teacher’s attendance percentage is posted every month. The class with the highest number gets announced and receives a bag of candy, a temporary trophy for their class room and bragging rights. She said so far it has been a pretty competitive and successful initiative. In November, there weren’t any classes that reported less than 91 percent attendance. Continue reading